Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm still crying (in a good way)

I was asked to come to the school today for an assembly as they were handing out awards to students. I didn't know that Jared was receiving one for " Student of the Year".

Here's the certificate that the principal read out. If you are not smiling and crying you are stronger than I was.

"Jared Parkinson is consistantly polite, positive and persevering, and his steady disposition is being recognized and celebrated at CBPS.

Every day when he greets the staff and fellow students with a cheery "Good morning _________, How are you? he waits for an answer and sensitively responds accordingly.

He initiates genuine welcome to visitors, new staff, students and parents to the school. He actively participates in all possible volunteer opportunities, especially when helping the less fortunate. If a clasmate seems to be sad or challenged, perceptive Jared is quick and discrete with a gentle word or deed.

Though he loves math and generates detailed explainations of science's mysteries, learning to read has been more challenging for Jared. With his characteristic poliete and possitive approach he'd request assistiance and recieve direction with an eager willingness.

When asked to explain why he has such an agreeable attitdue his response was fast and humble: Easy! Because when I get home from school my family is interested in each other and we play or work together. All that happiness is still in me when I get to school so I just share it That's why!"

Jared generously shares his love of life and learning, helping make wherever he goes a better place to be."

End of speech

Somebody please pass the tissues. I'm so proud and humbled.

HUGS all


Tammy W. said...

Wow Kim - Wow! You should be proud!
That was touching.

Mangora said...

That is awesome. I read your blog from time to time and I had to tell you that reading this one it gave me goosebumps. Way to go!

Maggie's Farm said...

I'm not at all surprised with parents like you and Darryl...the world needs more kids like Jared, and parents like you two.

Henya said...

Wow, you must be doing something right. But then even through I only met you once, I am not at all surprised. May he go from strength to strength and give a lot of happiness to his parents.