Thursday, August 31, 2006

German Angora bucks

A friend of mine sicced the bunny gods on me and cursed me with a litter of all white bucks! Alright so they're Germans so they're SUPPOSE to white but all bucks
Here's some pics of the little sweeties -5 are up for grabs!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why I LOVE satin angoras

Well since eating my words about never having satin angoras (the actual phrase used was when hell freezes over) here I am the proud breeder/owner of a herd of them. Skating in hell has been fun so I'm now a convert to these wonderful and shiny oh so shiny rabbits.
We currently have 2 bucks BCM's Dom Perrignon a spectuacular chocolate pearl from Boxcar Menagerie and HH's Dan Patch a beautiful heavily marked broken chestnut and 4 does HH's Glitter - copper, BCM's Rosie - lilac tort, BCM's Silk - black and last but not least CP's Gingersna[p - registered fawn. Patch and Glitter have just become parents for the first time and have 8 healthy kits! There is a really neatly marked broken in the litter that I swear has tiger stripes! Pics of him/her and Perry are here for you to admire. And yes the fiber is a dream to spin -all shiny and shimmery.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back from the Sheep Dog Trials

We're back after three beautiful days at the Grass Creek Sheep Dog Trials held every year here in Kingston. Could not have asked for a better time -weather was perfect, crowds were plentiful and very appreciative of the yarn and hand dyed rovings we took there. Guess the spinning wheel and dye pots will be getting a workout as I try to restock the shop What a talented bunch of dogs to watch too -these sheep are NASTY! And the sheep to shawl competition was very well attended with four teams present. The shawls were lovely.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

What happens when I'm bored ....

You wonder how I could ever be bored with two kids, long suffering hubby (or so he'll tell you) 40+ rabbits, the neurotic spoiled border collie (who is currently sleeping on the couch) and 2 BIG cats but hey it does happen once in a blue moon. So in a fit of organization I cleaned out my fiber stash and spun and knit this shawl. Its three ply spun -one ply commercial spun mohair that was dyed in floursecent colours, one ply grey alpaca and the rest a lovely heathery grey shetland roving I had made up from Tammy Wards amazing sheep and processed at Wilton Fiber Mill. Knitting is simple garter stitch with a bit of lace stitchery and then fringed. It really turned out GREAT! Of course once it was finished I immediately felt the need to go purchase more fiber but luckily the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials are on this weekend and I'll be there spinning -hmmmm wonder what the sheep shearer will have this year for fleeces :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Special gift for a Special New Arrival

On July 31st we here at Cornerstone Fibres were thrilled to hear the arrival of our new niece Brianne Louise Parkinson who arrived safe and sound at the hefty weight of 8 lbs 1 ounce. The newest "Diva in Training" will recieve a special girft made one of a kind just for her. Hand painted silk was double spun into a fine weight yarn and created into her very own tassled cap. leftover yarn was crocheted into a ball perfect for little hands. Welcome to the family Brianne - can't wait to teach you the joy of fibre!