Sunday, June 22, 2008

We only have one Dog really ;)

We often get phone calls from treed hydro men or gas readers who cannot figure out why they gate is closed with a "Dog on Loose" sign. We are often asked to contain both our dogs....but we only have one we reply -the other one only comes to visit LOL.
Our neighbours dog Zigi -a stunning Hungarian Viizla and Java our own maurading baby have formed a deep friendship. they were not content playing side by side at the fence so we now have a dog friendly pass through in the fence so they have free run of both yards.
Of course this means we must be free to throw balls and toys and provide treats for the "kids". Here they are - aren't they a pretty pair??? We worry if the neighbours ever leave and they have said the same. Both dogs are inseperable -they mope when they are not together :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As I said in my previous post both kids are into baseball. Jared plays Kingston Thunder Mosquito division and is a member of the "Blue Jays". Lindsay is playing Kingston Thunder Timbit Tykes and is on the Orange team. They both wear the number 7 jersey! Daryl is convenor of the mosquito division and I got volenteered (read shanghaied) into the convenor of Tykes -oh well at least we know what is going on at the meetings LOL. The kids love it so we're happy to be able to help out and make it possible for all the kids to play.
Here they are ready to play -are they not growing WAY too fast?? Their cousin Brianne is always ready to head out to the ballpark and cheer them on :)

First Capital Days here in Kingston

We've been busy here both at the house and on the road. Sunday I went down to the Jefferson Sheep and Wool Festival in NY at the stone mills ag museum -beautiful location to see but not much in sales I'm afraid. The cost of gas is so crippling.
Monday I took part in my guilds spinning and weaving demos at First Capital Days at Market Square. Kingston was the first offical capital of Canada until it was moved to Ottawa. Lots of demos and the Fort Henry Guard were out in their stunning red tunics "recruiting" the kids into Her Majesty's Army LOL.
Here's me in my costume with Doreen Jeffers a fabulous spiner and wonderful guild instructor. Doreen is loads of fun to be with all day!
This Saturday I'm off to the annual Distaff Day celebrations in Almonte.
On top of that we have ball 4 nights a week -Jared plays two nights and practices one. Lindsay plays one night. Can we say busy????

Monday, June 09, 2008

No pictures we're NEKKID!!!!

Well it was hair or is that hare cut day here at the barn -EVERYBODY got clipped or plucked down to the skin -its just too hot!!! But there is no sadder or funnier sight that a NEKKID Bunny -too bad the camera batteries died. Oh well they're much better and cooler now thats what matters.