Thursday, January 28, 2010

Handspun Leftover Caps

Ever wonder what to do with all your leftover or small bits of handspun? Make leftover caps!!! Here's the latest two that I finished the red one is merino/silk with leftover of Blackberry cheesecake batt from Julianna the grey/blue one is mohair/silk sewing thread/ chestnut angora with natural grey shetland on top.
Am working on another one as I sit here recovering from dental surgery yesterday -full sedation is the way to go!!!! I am tolerating the pain with ibuprofen and ice. Swelling is not too bad and the pain is very low. Best of all I can eat -soft foods and have no nausea at all!!
HUGS all

Friday, January 22, 2010

Whats new around here

Okay I have dug my way out of the boxes of arrivals to update the blog.

Am currently working on the following things:
Sorting Fibre as well as bagging up Jareds latest dyed lots of corriedale
Dealing with two children - wonderful though they are they are high mainenance (yes Lindsay I'm talking about you heehee)
Cleaning rabbit cages
Dealing with Ragamuffin losing her only kit -he got stuck in the birth canal due to supersized head
Dealing with the wimpiest dog in the world -its snow it will not eat you!
Getting psyched up to go the dentist this coming Wednesday to have wisom teeth pulled (thank you lord for full sedation dentistry)
Waiting for three more litters to arrive
Planning a trip to Florida
And best of all working on Operation Billy

Which involves the cutest little red angora goat buck at Maggies Farm -

to be trasported by me and Daryl (worlds greatest hubby) to rendezvous with Julianna another stunning fibre artist and bunny friend for delivery. I am so looking forward to seeing him -dibs on the baby coat!!!!!! It screams SPIN ME!!!!!

So pretty much life as normal. How is your day going?
HUGS all

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Okay maybe I have a fibre addiction.....

No sorry mind wandered for a minute we are not an addict we are in denial LOL -here is some of the dyed corriedale I'm now going to be sorting and bagging up -add it to the pile of Jared dyed roving (25lbs) 50lbs of still white corriedale and the BIG box of knitting needles to be sorted and well i'll be busy for a while........oh and whats this big box pushed over to the side merino and silk blends and more silk hankies.
Heeheee fibre fight!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bunny pictures at long last

Here they are almost two weeks old already -she's such a good mommy -look at the sIZE of htese four :) They are argent de'bruns so im very pleased with the dark chocolate colour on them -they'll silver out as they get older.
Here's also the promised pic of Raggamuffin -shes a broken opal I'm guessing by the lacing on the ears and eye circles -there is not much more colour on her to tell. Very sweet too. She eats like a pig though ;)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Amazing what you can get done when there are no kids around :)

Its not the best work I've ever seen but hey its done :) And its warm LOL.
And now weaving is done for a while so I can get back to spinning -ahhh spinning.
I can do that in between deliveries of fibre that is coming back from the mill just in time for Jared to dye.
Its all good.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Why do people get animals when thy have no intention of keeping them

Yesterday saw a new arrival to us here. A person(s) unknown dropped a mixed breed doe off on my doorstep in a box with a note that read "She's pregnant -due January 20th Thanks". Well one I wish the person had of called me to tell me she was coming -its too damn cold to leave an animal in a box on a doorstep, two why did they breed her if they were not going to be responsible for her and three what the heck??? I kept thinking of all the awful scenarios had we not found her in time.

Shes a very sweet little animal really, not sure what breed she is lionhead mixed with?? Spotted lots of white, very little colouring. We've called her "Ragamuffin" and she'll get a forever home after kindles and after I can see what sort of temperment she is. She desperately needs to be groomed but at this stage I want to be very careful if she is bred. She feels like she is on inital check. She did get a teeth and nail check yesterday -amazingly no malaclusion which is so common of pet store rabbits.

Welcome to the barn little girl! Picture sposted after she settles in. Right now she's happily munching hay and drinking warm water.