Monday, May 23, 2011

Satin litter growing fast

7 little babies getting bigger all the time - one chocolate (if it's a buck) and the tort are spoken for so far. Others will be looking for new homes when they are big enough to go!

Happy doggies

Mommy shut off the terrible beasty that makes the lawn shorter and chases us around the yard as we bark like maniacs. Bones all round after the terror!
Mommy says next up is the roto-tiller -don't know what it is but it doesn't sound good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look at what is in my backyard

Is that not stunning! Its a Baltimore oriole -I confess I had to search my handy bird book to figure it out -not common around here I'm sure but oh so pretty!! Had to share :)

Fibre Festival overload

LOL well not really but it was awesome! Two weekends of two of the best fibre festivals the US has to offer. First up Maryland -aka the big one. Went with Maggie and got to meet her incredible and beautiful daughter Mia for the first time. It was an overwhelming array of fibre, beautiful booths and lots of sunshine! Missed some dear friends there Henya -now in Israel who makes the most stunning stitch markers and knitting accessories - 
and Libby who was competing on a long distance trail ride in NY that weekend.  We also caught up with Candace who makes her own jewelry -very stunning! She sells at the Hamilton Farmers Market in NY and various other shows -you need to check her out!  Also met the incredible Linda Cortright -publisher of Wild Fibers Magazine and I picked up a subscription for my very own :)
Came home to kids and real life and then packed it all up again to travel this time not only with Maggie but my own darling hubby Daryl to go to New Hampshire -completely different vibe and feel than Maryland - much more small fibre producers and unique one of a kind artists.  Both were wonderful in their own way. I love seeing how people use and grow their own fibres.
And on a smaller note it is so much fun to have people come up to you and tell you they read not only Maggie's amazing and wonderful blog -
but also my own right here :) Thank you for taking the time to stop and tell me that you enjoy my ramblings :)
HUGS all

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Mary W. Matthews wrote and I quote:
“Whether or not you’re religious, the qualities a healthy family finds valuable tend to be the same: Respect. Tolerance. Forgiveness. Honesty. Courage. Responsibility. Integrity. Self-discipline. Compassion. Generosity. Doing things together as a family.”

Good thing growing up I had two of the most wonderful women in the world to teach me all of this and more.
Happy mother's Day to all Mothers out there!
I love you :)

As a mom now of two amazing children I can only hope they will someday think of me with as much love and respect as I think of my very own mom!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Sunshine on another rainy day

Nothing makes me smile like babies - rabbits, lambs, goats even kids on occasion LOL But here is my daily dose of bunny happiness :) 7 beautiful little satin angoras all tucked down safe and warm under mommys wool.

Can you find them all? There are two white, a pearl, two chocolates, a black and the little champagne coloured one!