Friday, July 23, 2010

Its raining!!!!

Normally that would make me really sad but oh how we needed this rain -my poor garden was shriveling under the heat and the ground is like rock. Bunnies are snuggled down with some hay so life is good for them. Only one sulking is miss "I'm not going out there I might melt" Java. Wusssy dog is she LOL but pricess of all she surveys she always is :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

How can you really be GONE???

I look in the mirror and I see shadows of you. I see your bright wisdom filled eyes in my sons face and hear your laughter come from my daughter. I hear your words echoed through me -words that I cherish and cling to when times are tough.  I smell your perfume in an old bottle on my dresser -a few precious drops remain. I feel your arms around me when I cry and hear your triumph when I succeed. I know you are no longer physically here with me but you are never nor will ever be gone.

12 years and it still is hard to believe I cannot go over to your house and talk with you - hear your wisdom and feel your pride in me but I know we will be together again someday. It is not yet the season for my passing. Life is wonderful and I am blessed.

I love you Beppe.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Growing up way too fast

The satin angoras are growing so fast -all 4 are Girls (what are the odds of that) -and all 4 ar stunning in their own way. we're keeping one here to add to the fibre herd.
Yesterday saw VanGogh -Jared's one earred Brun and his sister off to their new home in PA  -Jared was happy to know they were going to a great home!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Its just too darn hot....

Evertyhing is too much effort incuding blogging. Kids are home and are in full eating mode -you think I never had fed them before.  Feed dog, cats, rats, rabbits and then kids and repeat. Make sure fans are running at all times and sit back and do nothing. I have not weeded the garden (bad gardener) but the tomato plants are as tall as I am and full of blossoms. We clipped all the coats off the rabbits again just to help them with the heat.
Jarted is happily spending time with his friends especially Ridley his best pal. i keep telling them they make a cute couple LOL -oh do I get dirty looks then ;)