Thursday, September 30, 2010

We made the local news

My handsome nephew Jeffrey came by to see me at the Hickory Lane Alpaca Open House. He fell in love with Jazz the satin angora doe I broguth with me for display. The love affair was pretty mutual as she stomped her foot till he took her out for a cuddle :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coming up for air :)

I'm still here I promise :) I've been busy at fibre events, back to school events and the rabbits.
Here's the schedule:

September 17-19th was at Hemlock Fibre Festival with Maggie -huge fun!
September 25th - Hickory Lane Alpaca Open House
September 26th Wilton Road Fibre Mill Open House
September 30th -Collins Bay School Book Fair and Open house
October 3rd -Syrcuse Grand Finals Rabbit show
October 5th - Campbellford Spin Day
October 9th Newburgh Harvest Festival
October 17-18th RHINEBECK!!!!!!!
October 30th -Drop Spindle Class at Wool Tyme in Kingston

You think I enjoy fibre or something LOL  Am busily spinning and knitting more items for the shows too.
HUGS all

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In the winners circle -Happy 15th

Today 15 years ago at 2pm Daryl made me the happiest woman in the world when he said "I do".  He's still my champion and the love of my life :) I got the best prize a girl could ever ask for.
I loved you yesterday when I promised you my hand and became my best friend husband and the father of my children
I love you today because you are still my man
I promise you tomorrow and everyday after that till the road is run.
LOVE you baby!!!  More than I can ever say.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hemlock :)

Back from a fantastic weekend with Maggie. Wanted to post last night but we had no power at all from 6:30 till after 10pm.
Travelled down Friday to meet up with Maggie and help her set up the booth. We camped out in the back of my van with wool blankets and an air mattress -very fun but very cold Friday night LOL Oh well apparently I talk in my sleeep or so Maggie tells me.
Saturday was fabulous -fantastic people to meet and talk to, beautiful weather and surrounded by the wonderful scents of Maggies goatsmilk soap.  Met up with some funny bunny people who happily picked up their new fibre friends.  also found out Libby Llop our nationally ranked endurance rider friend had become a grandma that week. Welcome to the world Sylvia Helen!!!! May you be wonderfully blessed all your life -you already hit the grandma jackpot!
Of course purchased some fibre for spinning, a new drop spindle, some fantastic spices from a friend of Maggies (-her Herbs de Provance are amazing on a roasted chicken!) as well as a few other goodies.
Sunday after another fun and fibre filled day it was time to pack up and roll home to Canada -thank you again Maggie for another great adventure :)
Here's some of the new fibre working its way on the wheel to become "Hemlock" socks !  Is 60% wool 40% mohair from Steam Valley Fibres Colourway is Coastal Tides.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rabbits for sale:

Here they are 4 lovely Satin Angoras - Red Buck, Sable Pearl Buck, Tort buck and Broken Tort Doe.

Doe is unrelated to all three bucks.  They are all going to get their coats blown out and cleaned up -have to retrieve the blower from a friend who borrowed it for the fair :)
The sable pearl and red are littermates. Tort buck is from a different breeding.  The bucks are 5 months old -doe is three months old.  All have complete pedigrees, the doe cannot show as brokens are not recognized by ARBA to show. Asking $65 each. Will be taking them to the Finger Lakes Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend.

UPDATE:  Red buck and Pearl buck are spoken for :) Tort buck is now sold as well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to.......

And my little sister Jennifer but we won't talke about that LOL
Check out the AWESOME cake my friend Wendy made for me -is it not beautiful? And dragonflies which you all know are very special to me.
Went to visit my grandmothers grave yesterday as it would have been her birthday -there were dragonflies there which made me smile. When I got back into the van the MP# player started up and her favorite hymn started When peace like a River -it especially rang true as the chorus is "it is well with my soul"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Never forgotten

Take a moment and pray for all those who are still left trying to piece together the why of it all. 

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Family :)

Here we are the whole crew at mom and dad's 45th wedding anniversary -this was the only present my mom and dad wanted :)
Like my dad always says we may not live the high life but we sure live the good life!

Just so you know who everybody is from left to right:

Back row: My handsome and charming  hubby Daryl, my baby girl and Diva Lindsay, nephew Jeffery (Jeff and Sue's eldest), my handsome Jared, Alexander ( Jenniferand Glenn's youngest ) Jen's hubby Glenn, Kris (Jeff and Sue's younger son) Sara (Jeff and Sue's Diva), Serena (Jen and Glenn's Diva) my older brother Jeff and his wife Sue
Front Row: ME (LOL), my baby sister Jennifer, William ( Eric and Lorena's baby boy) Mom and Dad (those crazy kids), my baby brother Eric and his wife Lorena and their Diva Jada
Did I miss anybody -there are 19 of us all together

HUGS all

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back from Indianna -back to bunnies

Well after a fabulous 4 day away trip to Indianapolis we are back and the fall fibre and bunny shwo season is looming upon us.  I have a very few bunnies that will be for sale this fall:

American Chinchillas:
A4 – Senior Brood Doe -throws amazing babies
9PR2L – 6-8 Doe
RC1 – 6-8 Buck

Argente D'Brun:
6-8 Buck
unrelated Junior Doe
also have Junior Argent Doe carries Brun genetics

Junior REW French Angora Buck "Mojo"
Junior Broken Tort Satin Angora Doe "Beenie Bopper
Senior Copper Satin Angora Doe "Junie"

I would not be unhappy to keep them all -but if somebody is interested pictures are available :)