Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coming up for air :)

I'm still here I promise :) I've been busy at fibre events, back to school events and the rabbits.
Here's the schedule:

September 17-19th was at Hemlock Fibre Festival with Maggie -huge fun!
September 25th - Hickory Lane Alpaca Open House
September 26th Wilton Road Fibre Mill Open House
September 30th -Collins Bay School Book Fair and Open house
October 3rd -Syrcuse Grand Finals Rabbit show
October 5th - Campbellford Spin Day
October 9th Newburgh Harvest Festival
October 17-18th RHINEBECK!!!!!!!
October 30th -Drop Spindle Class at Wool Tyme in Kingston

You think I enjoy fibre or something LOL  Am busily spinning and knitting more items for the shows too.
HUGS all

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Henya said...

Your yarns are so yummy! Hope to see you soon!