Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rabbits, Fibre and the Dyewizard Himself

Busy weekend :) Rabbit show in Spencerville on Saturday -of course no rabbits in full show coat ready to go. Got 2nd place with my just turned senior French doe -both judges LOVED her body type and structure she just needs more guard hair to finish out her texture. Luckily had three rabbits able to get registered to boost the fall breeding lines.
Sunday we went to the Wilton road mill open house - nice day thank god for no rain -cause it looked like it would! And fibre and rain is not a good combination. The dyewizard himself Jared took the day out to attend with me :) He was thrilled to meet so many of his "fans" and was an instant convert to the lamb chili -he had 6 bowls!!! Can this kid eat or what. And he's so darn handsome and polite and cute -he made lots of new friends. But remember ladies he's mine at least for another 7 years!

Monday, September 22, 2008

13 years.- who would have thought it!

Yeppers 13 years of me and the big guy. It sure hasn't seemed that long. Good days, bad days and some days never to be spoken of again -laugh. We're still here though and still going strong. The gift of lace is the traditional way to celebrate 13th wedding anniversaries. Modern gifts are gifts are textiles or fur.
Whoohoo textiles - can I get mine in cashmere and maybe some mohair or silk ;)

Jazzy Jared -yarns!

Here's the latest from the dye wizard. He found some white 100% wool in the stash pile and decided he needed to unleash his creativity. 7 lots of yarn is now proudly done up -ready for the Fibre Mill open house on Sunday -mommy is taking her angora rabbits and fibre. Jared is taking his 1 of a kind dyed products :)
Wonder who will be more popular LOL. Jared of course!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Knitting with Silk caps

I recently decided to play with some of the dyed caps Jared had done for me and thougth about knittting it without spinning it first. I carefully pulled apart the cap starting at the edge and made one contunious ribbon with it. Then rolled into a ball and knit just using garter stich and slipped stitched to create a fun little bag to put on my belt -just the right size for some ID, phone and some cash. I then embellished it with some charms and ribbon and voila - I loved it!! Lots of fun too. I may make some for the teens on my Xmas list. That is if the silk caps don't all sell first!

Lord and Master

Shenanigans our lovely orange tom (13 years old and going strong) knows who is the true master of the house. HE is!! Everything and everyone is under his rule including the lowly dog. Here he uses Java as a cushion and the sad thing is she lets him ~ LOL crazy pair that they are. Grimjack our other cat - 12 year old grey tabby is chased all around the house by Java but not Shenanigans -he truly rules the roost!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fishing with Nanny and Poppa

Kids had a real treat last night. Nanny and Poppa asked them to go fishing at a friends trout farm. Yummy!!! And so exciting for the kids to pull in a BIG one!
Here's the pics.
Arent' they just the cutest kids you have ever seen. Their cousin Brandon came as well -he turns 14 this March and is turning into a real heart-throb.
The other handsome fellow is Peter who has lived with Daryl's parents for over 20 years. He's like Daryl's kid brother and is a very special part of our family.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School!

It's that time of year again! Time when once again I am forced to admit my kids are growing way faster than I can hold them back. Jared is 10 now a powerhouse baseball player and still the dyewizard of Cornerstone Fibres. he's going into Grade 4 this year under a modified learning program to help him with his literacy problems. Thank God for teachers who listen and help you with your kids! Lindsay is off to Grade one -full time days! She's an opinionated bueatiful little girl who God help us all will be challenging her teacher as much as she is challenged.
Thank you to all who help eductate, drive our kids safely too and from school, clean up after them and help plan to make them better and learn more effectively! God bless you all!!! We as parents need all the help we can get ;)

Monday, September 01, 2008

2 Looms and 2 Spinning Wheels for Sale

Hi All:

Its time to make some room in the house. All prices are negotiable -
I CAN ship items or arrange delivery to Rhinebeck NY Sheep and Wool
Festival in October:

Country Spinner Spining Wheel - a HUGE wheel great for plying or
spinning bulky. Bobbin holds over 2lbs of completed yarn. Single
Asking $325

Louet S-75 Single treadle -an older model but a fantastic wheel.
Solid maple wood construction. Comes with three bobbins and lazy
Asking $375

Large Inkle Loom -handmade but works awesome!
Asking $30

LeClerc 4 harness Table loom Dorothy 15 3/4"
Wonderful compact loom - in excellent shape.
Asking $250

Photos of all equipment can be sent to you upon request. Prices do
not include shipping but delivery to Rhinebeck is FREE.