Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some of the Lovely Ladies of Rocky Meadow Rabbits

Tonight was tattoo night at the barn so I brought the camera along to capture on film some of the "DIVAS" of Rocky Meadow Rabbits :)
We have RM's Look at Me -to be registered blue pearl French Angora
RM's Second Chance a regsitered broken sable French Angora
RM's Karma - registered black golden steel French Angora -had to take a close up shot of her wool coming in -its soooo luxurious to spin
RM's Flare - to be registered chinchilla Satin Angora
and last but not least RM's Shine - our newest junior American Chinchilla

Never let it be said I don't love coloured rabbits :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow is this incredible :)

Holy cow -its stunning, its amazing -its real silk made by spiders and woven by human hands. i'll be it feels amazing!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More equipment for sale

More equipment for sale:

Swift $50

Wool Blocker $10

2 Tapestry Looms -your choice $25

There may also be two pairs of handcards and more coming up -have to keep searching through the piles of stuff :)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Off this weekend to (gasp) do fibery things

Lots of fibre and fun this weekend -off Saturday to Georgetown for the 5-counties fibre show and sale there and then SQUEEEEEEEEE off to Fingerlkaes Fiber Show in NY where I get to hang out with Maggie and other good fibery friends South of the border.
Think I'm a little excited??? Jared has been busy making more batts to keep up with demand -he's so talented.
On the bunny front we are starting our fall breeding lists. Our first fall show with them is October 4th in Syracuse -lots to regsiter there!

HUGS all

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just me and my sidekick

Kids are off at school today -its just me and Bri -my three year old niece. She;s a riot though. She loves to help Aunt Kim spin, sort fibre and of course visit the bunnies. She is also a terror who loves to grab unsuspecting kitties (especially Neme as he's too silly to run) and snuggle the heck out of them. She is also a willing model as I finish up another batch of waste angora hats ( I take all the matts and tangles and drum card them till they are good and spin them).
I forgot how much work kids are when they are potty training am sooo done with this area of my life.
HUGS Kim and sidekick

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to......

ME!!!! Thats right its the BIG 4-0 Today LOL. As my dad says "they can make me grow out but they can not make me grow up" heehee.
Its also my baby sisters birthday -she was born three years after me and thus denied me for many years of the puppy I had been promised as she was allergic to animals.
Oh well I did finally get my beloved Scamper and now I have the whole crew to make me happy :)
I'm proud of this milestone -I have learned so much with the time I have walked on this earth. I don't know how far the book goes after this point but each day and each page will be greeted with hope and laughter, tears and frustration for that is all a part of life. I will dance, sing (badly) and generally love the time I have been given to share with those who are important to me.
HUGS all
off to find some cake and eat it too

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Dragonfly moment

As many of you know dragonflies are special to me. They always seem to appear when I need a sign. Today was no exception. I was at a local show and had just finished setting up when a little girl with blond pig tails, glasses and looking so much like me at 11-12 that it was eerie. All of a sudden she exclaims "Beppe she has yarn!!" . Beppe was what I called my grandmother (it would have been her birthday today). Sure enough a stunning older silver haired lady came along and helped her granddaughter buy her first yarn and needles to teach her to knit. The memories came flashing back and I felt the tears coming. As they were leaving a stunning large ruby red with black winged dragonfly came along and landed on my hand. I feel so overwhelmed -I am not forgotten and neither is she.
Happy Birthday Beppe - I still miss you.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I just realized its quiet......

No kids in the house. Java is out in the backyard chewing a bone. Cats are sleeping cozy together as always -except Nemesis -he's not allowed to be part of the "big boy" club. What shall I do - I know SPIN!!!!


Saturday, September 05, 2009

So I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint

HOWEVER -this is not the way I wanted to do it. Somebody last night decided we didn't need two vehicles so they stole MY VAN out of our driveway. This is not a joke it is gone. Neighbours across the road had a party last night -lots of cars coming and going. We had to keep yelling at Java to be quiet -our bad.
So hopefully this gets resolved soon. I did not need the crappening to continue.

UPDATE: Van is found about 150 kms from here. Officers exact description is its crispy -they burned it to a hull. RIP my lovely little mini van -how many miles we travelled together..


Thursday, September 03, 2009

I soooo NEED one of these on a T-shirt

This is a fabulous artist who's works are called Sheep Incognito. I've emailed her and asked if she puts this print on a T-shirt -if so I am first in line !!!!!

HUGs all

busy in the garden

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Spinning Equipment for Sale -can deliver to some shows :)

Hi All:

Need to make space for new project items and before long suffering hubby gets buried underneath it all :)

Coarse Drum Carder -believe it is an older Patrick Green model -in really good shape for the age. Will need clamps to mount onto table and doffer and pin (I can get them if necessary ) SOLD Pending pickup

Ashford Kiwi wheel -stained green -has two chip off flyer whorl but it doesn't effect the spinning. New springs and tension on her. Comes with 5 (maybe 6 bobbins if I can find the other one) Sold with a waiting list ;0

Ashford Traditional Single Treadle -with 4 bobbins -Asking $275

Pictures of the first two items here -waiting for the camera to recharge before taking its picture

am heading to the following shows:

September 19th -5 Counties Georgetown ON
September 20th - Fingerlakes Fibre Show NY
September 26th - FibreMania -Spinning Wheels Alpacas ON
September 27th - Wilton Road Open House Odessa ON
October 4th - Syracuse Finals Rabbit Show NY
October 16th -18th Rhinebeck NY Dutchess County Fiber Show