Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Dragonfly moment

As many of you know dragonflies are special to me. They always seem to appear when I need a sign. Today was no exception. I was at a local show and had just finished setting up when a little girl with blond pig tails, glasses and looking so much like me at 11-12 that it was eerie. All of a sudden she exclaims "Beppe she has yarn!!" . Beppe was what I called my grandmother (it would have been her birthday today). Sure enough a stunning older silver haired lady came along and helped her granddaughter buy her first yarn and needles to teach her to knit. The memories came flashing back and I felt the tears coming. As they were leaving a stunning large ruby red with black winged dragonfly came along and landed on my hand. I feel so overwhelmed -I am not forgotten and neither is she.
Happy Birthday Beppe - I still miss you.

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Henya said...

This is so touching.
Harry Birthday to you, since this is already September 13Th.