Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Port Hope Gathering 2013

First show of the season up here - much hugging and greetings after the winter of friends from far and near.  Had a wonderful day with Peggy hanging out in the booth. Very good reception of buttons and other goodies. Came home with some lovely smokey maple syrup -cooked over open flame and wood burned kettle -yummy.
Also came home with the wheel that will evetnually make its way to a Ravelry friend I made two years ago -this is the second wheel relay between myself, Jody and Vicki in Texas :)
Here's the first pic of the second wheel delivery :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting geared up for Maryland

So when I'm down I like to work on stuff -lots of stuff apparently - yarn bin is almost full of lovely handspun yarn including some angora -yummy! Made more drop spindle kits and needlefelting punches and now have started button production with some wonderful horns from Zoar Farms which is run in Otego NY by Mother Katherine and her sisters at the Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery -http://www.holymyrrhbearers.com/

Here's some button pictures to show you how marvelous these horns are!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Life and Death in equal measure

Last night we gathered to celebrate my dad 70th birthday a milestone for sure. As we gathered to wait to yell "surprise" and see his face, my sister sat with her beloved father in law and watched him pass away.  He fought so valiantly but finally he knew the peace of passing.

We thank the universe for both of these lives, both wise and caring and family men.  Both such vital and wonderful part of our lives.  We will gather together again later this week to once again celebrate life as a family.

Life and death intertwined in the eternal loop that is life.

I have been blessed beyond measure to have both of you in my life.

To Grandpa Rex - we are so grateful to have you in our lives every day.
To Grandpa Larry -safe travels as you move onto your next adventure - we are so blessed to know we have a wonderful guardian angel looking down on us.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Larry your plant is just fine ;)

My sisters father in law is very ill and is not much longer for this world.  He has good moments and bad moments and a wonderful sense of humour and still wants to know things. This morning he asked my sister to ask me how his plant was doing. She thought he was having a weird moment but dutifully asked me and I told her to tell him it was just fine. She asked me if I really knew what he meant and I said yes.  5 Years ago at a show his wife was selling plants and had dragooned him into service. She told him when he sold 5 he could go home. He kept offering plants to everybody and finally told me I had to buy one. I told him I have a black thumb when it comes to houseplants and I would kill it immediately. His response "I really don't care you make number 5" so I laughed and bought the plant. Well surprisingly it has survived and everytime we see each other he has asked me if it was dead yet and I laugh and tell him no,
So Lartry your plant is just fine and I will look after it forever and think of you everytime I see it there on the table.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Lindsays new Kitty

Didn't she do a wonderful job?  Its made from a pair of socks!