Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Larry your plant is just fine ;)

My sisters father in law is very ill and is not much longer for this world.  He has good moments and bad moments and a wonderful sense of humour and still wants to know things. This morning he asked my sister to ask me how his plant was doing. She thought he was having a weird moment but dutifully asked me and I told her to tell him it was just fine. She asked me if I really knew what he meant and I said yes.  5 Years ago at a show his wife was selling plants and had dragooned him into service. She told him when he sold 5 he could go home. He kept offering plants to everybody and finally told me I had to buy one. I told him I have a black thumb when it comes to houseplants and I would kill it immediately. His response "I really don't care you make number 5" so I laughed and bought the plant. Well surprisingly it has survived and everytime we see each other he has asked me if it was dead yet and I laugh and tell him no,
So Lartry your plant is just fine and I will look after it forever and think of you everytime I see it there on the table.

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