Friday, October 31, 2008

Still kicking

I know I know bad blogger not updating her posts. I'll sing the "I'm sorry song" for you if you like. I've been very busy trying and sucessfully figuring out how I knit the "Maggie Shawl" -posted on Maggies blog - -Its 8 ounces of her gorgeous Mother Fiber -Nuno/Needle Felting Kits. Her roving is stunning!
Today and tomrrow I'm helping out at the guild show and sale -sold one skein of angora yarn today :) And of course tonight is the big candy haul for two excited kids -I'll be sure to post pictures of them in costume. Java is terrified of the pumpkin -she is sure its going to eat her LOL.
Other than that its same old same old for me. Went to a job interview on Tuesday -would really like this job -9-5 monday to friday working for a custom embroidery company -nice people. Daryl is loving his new job -yes hes back at what he does best fixing cars -no overhead work here though and no electrical dyagnositc which he hates.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My husband and his younger woman :)

I busted my hubby today with another woman snuggling on the couch :) Good thing its our adorable neice Brianne (age 2) -they snuggled down on the couch together for a nap - Brianne at first wanted nothing to do with him but today nobody but "Unka Daryl" was good enough to snuggle with LOL.
They are a cute couple though.....darn it she has everything blond curls, blue eyes and a smile that goes for miles.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ever get the urge......

To spin something different? For me I LOVE spinning angora but sometimes the urge to spin bulky yarns hits. And wool is perfect. Especially in bright vibrant colours perfect for felters yarn. Here's six of Louet's new Northern Lights colourways all spiun up into 4 ounce -65 yard skiens.
From left to right they are:

Meadow Trail
Peacock Feather
Wild Iris
Meadow Glade
Mulled wine
Fire Moss

Really really nice. There is one more that I didn't get called Fruit Punch -to me it looked too close to Mulled wine with out the nice rich tones. They are a merino cross wool so very soft with lots of loftiness to them. There are 26 colours in total I think.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Playing with Fibre

I know I know three posts in one week -wow I think that is a first for me (grin)
Today was open studio at the KHWS studio and I had a blast playing with the drum carder there. I took some dyed mohair by Jared carded it by itself, with angora and finally with three different colour alpaca batts I got on Sunday at the Open House at Wilton Road Mill. The alpaca came from South Shore Alpacas and is lovely and soft. I love the results!!!
Funny thing is I didn't care for the mohair roving before it got carded and altered the colours......will have to try some more I think ;) Good thing the studio is open every Thursday so I can indulge my love of fibres with more equipment than I have now.
My other work in progress is a buttery soft brown merino fleece that has been washed and picked for the first time. I'm going to wash it a second time, pick it again and then card it -lovely stuff from Maggie's Farm!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rhinelanders update

Well as many of you know Jared decided on Rhinelanders as his breed of choice. He now has the orignal senior pair, a pair from the breeding the senior doe arrived with and now 7 beautiful babies (born on my birthday) to assess and decide who stays and goes.
There are 5 marked and two sport babies in the litter. I didn't know about them so they were a HUGE surprise. So cute -look like harlequins. Kids have named them little Java One and little Java Two LOL.
Here's a picture of the difference! And a picture of mommy too -she's looking good really considering her business with 7 popcorn babies! Of corse she has that look of go away down pat!