Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is this what they call the DOG Days??

So the last of summer are called the dog days of summer supposedly because its so hot we all lay around like dogs??? If so sign me up!!!! Sprawling on a couch all day, lots of attention and good grub. Somebody is definetely spoiled :)

Bunny Fur Bling!

So what do you do with a bag of matted and tangled bunny fur?? Well you let two kids loose dyeing it a rainbow of colours and then you card it out with lots of angelina and firestar and create bunny Fur Bling
Here's Lindsay hard at work carding the fiber. And the first two batches green/blue and red/pink. Can you tell who picks the colours around here -Jared and Lindsay of course.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Two Little Monkeys jumping on a Trampoline

How much fun is this two kids a BIG trampoline and nothing to stop you but one mom who is saying "get off there I want a turn now too" They sure are growing up way too fast. Jared will be 10 this coming April and Lindsay will be 6 in March. I feel old all of a sudden -think I need to go play on the trampoline some more!

Bunnies bunnies everywhere!!!!

Here's a pic of two of the future bunnies of Rocky Meadow Rabbits breeding and show stock
On the left we have RM's Travelling Salesman a stunning broken black steel buck -French angora. I had to name him this as someday I'll be able to say "oh their dad is the Travelling Salesman" On the right we have RM's Lightning a booted broken red Satin Angora Doe -she herself won't be able to show as her markings are too heavy but her density and sheen is just too good to pass up!!!!
On the Sales end we have the following bunnies ready to go now!!!
Giant Angoras:
White buck -has serious ear flop but great coat for a wooler!!
Broken Chocolate Buck
Broken Black Doe -would be staying if I had the room -shes that nice
Broken Black Buck
French Angoras:
Broken Chocolate Agouti Buck
Chestnut Doe
2 Black Bucks
Broken Chestnut Doe
Broken Chestnut Buck
Broken Black Doe
Satin Angoras:
Chocolate Buck
Chocolate Doe (may be sold)
Red Doe (may be sold)
Show marked Broken Red buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck --has a weak ear
Fawn Doe
Chocolate Agouti Buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck
Email for more information and pics!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Family Picture

Hee hee -who could resist -we've been Simpsonized at Pretty funny -the kids loved it! What do you think is it us????

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back from the Sheep Dog Trials

Well three fun and exciting days of Sheep Dog Trials are come and gone.
We had a great time there -always busy but so much to see and do. Old friends to catch up with and new friends to make. Saturday four teams competed in the sheep to shawl competition -I always love watching these talented spinners and weavers working together to take a raw fleece and transform it into works of art.

Sunday saw two memories that will alwasy stick out in my mine. First was aquiring a pair of socks that were spun in an original Jazy Dyesigns by Jared -one of his first works now made into a warm and toasty treat for his proud mommy to wear :)

Second moment was a little harder and tearier but sweet all the same. A little black faced border collie puppy trotted its way over to me tounge handing out, leash dragging on the ground and happy with its whole body wagging in delight at being free. I picked her up to find her owner only to have a nice young man come over and say "Scamper you naughty little thing there you are." Well tears started to flow. I explained to him that I had lost my old girl this spring and her name too had been Scamper. It turns out she had been named something else but when he and his wife went to get her at the breeders his wife decided she was Scamper. When he introduced his wife and told her about my Scamper it turned out they had picked her up on the day we put Scamper down. It was so sweet and reassuring to think there is still a Scamper rolling in the grass and playing with a new family. I came home and hugged Java who seemed to understnad that she and I had a whole life ahead of us and that memories would always be sweet. I'll never regret for a heartbeat the life I had with Scamper or the fun that awaits me with Java -both dogs are treasures beyond all else -unless you consider my hubby and kids first which I do (grin). They came to see me down at the trials all weekend -bringing treats and heading off to the beach for a swim or two. There was a jungle cat display there with a baby tiger and Jared got to go swimming with him -wish I could have seen that! Talk about a story to go back to school with!

I bought Java a new lead at the sheep dog trials - I could not resist it its bright pink and says "One of us is a Bitch". Heehee now wonder who is and who isn't . I also got some beautiful wildflower honey from a local farmer there and loaded up at the farmers market on the way home -all those gorgeous fresh veggies !! And come winter I now have an order for farm raised pork, chicken and beef -no store bought for me!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bamboo Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks

Cornerstone Fibres now carries a fabulous line of bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks -straights, double pointed and circulars are all in stock as of this week! 9 piece bamboo crochet hook sets are also available -the craftmanship on these are very high -but very reasonable priced. Knitting needles are $5 a set/single circular and the crochet sets are $20! Good range of sizes and lengths too. We're very excited as you can tell

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jazzy Jared strikes again!!!

See what happens when you combine 2 kids, 2 crockpots and 3lbs of Shetland roving? The wonderful thing is this is all made with only 4 colours of food colouring -who knew so many combinations existed -I figured one or two lots would be close but oh no -its a colour explosion!

6 - 8 ounce lots were created :)