Friday, August 17, 2007

Bunnies bunnies everywhere!!!!

Here's a pic of two of the future bunnies of Rocky Meadow Rabbits breeding and show stock
On the left we have RM's Travelling Salesman a stunning broken black steel buck -French angora. I had to name him this as someday I'll be able to say "oh their dad is the Travelling Salesman" On the right we have RM's Lightning a booted broken red Satin Angora Doe -she herself won't be able to show as her markings are too heavy but her density and sheen is just too good to pass up!!!!
On the Sales end we have the following bunnies ready to go now!!!
Giant Angoras:
White buck -has serious ear flop but great coat for a wooler!!
Broken Chocolate Buck
Broken Black Doe -would be staying if I had the room -shes that nice
Broken Black Buck
French Angoras:
Broken Chocolate Agouti Buck
Chestnut Doe
2 Black Bucks
Broken Chestnut Doe
Broken Chestnut Buck
Broken Black Doe
Satin Angoras:
Chocolate Buck
Chocolate Doe (may be sold)
Red Doe (may be sold)
Show marked Broken Red buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck --has a weak ear
Fawn Doe
Chocolate Agouti Buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck
Email for more information and pics!


Maggie's Farm said...

What, no Germans? You've got everything but listed. Will we see some of these little darlings at Rhinebeck this year? Did you ever get the Samson bunny you told me about?

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Well now I'm saving the best for last :) Hope to be bringing a few down to new homes -sure i can't tempt you with a satin angora :)
I did indeed get the Sampson line doe -Perfect she had a litter of german hybrids with Lance this spring -there is one white buck left in this bunch!