Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jazzy Dyesigns by Jared -SILK!!!

So what happens when you let a 9 year old loose with some tussah silk, easter egg dye and a crock pot? If its Jared you come out with a work of art!! The picture cannot do this fiber justice -it is amazing~~~as are all his works -but this one might just stay here with me :)

Baby "Goober"

Java has to be one of the most gentle dogs I have ever met -look what she dropped in my lap this morning -we were out in the garden sitting when she plopped this into my lap Besides being covered in dog drool he is completely unharmed -can't fly though poor little thing is too young -I figure he fell out of the big tree in the neighbours yard. He sure likes worms out of the garden though He seemed completely unfazed that this thirty pound thing had scooped him up into her mouth.
Java was so proud of herself -they say labs have very gentle mouths and I can well believe it after this!
Who decided I was the new mama :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Poor Java the oppressed!

Poor girl -Java went in to get spayed yesterday and to have her dew claws removed -one ingrows and gets infected so we opted to have both removed to help her stay healthy. She is NOT impressed with the love and care she is being shown. Can't blame the poor thing, sore, bandages that itch and this horrible collar thing to have to wear to boot! Going to be a looooonnnngggg week!

CDAA Booth pic

Here's the setup we had at the Canadian Doll Artist Association last friday/Saturday. My friend Wendy helped me hold down the fort but refuses to have her picture taken! The dolls there were incredible!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy Fiber Happenings :)

Well its been a busy two weeks first the Port Hope Fiber Gathering and this week the Canadian Doll Artist Association show and sale. Who knew fiber had so many beautiufl uses. Spinning, weaving and dyeing are just the tip of the iceburg. Felting both wet and needle, fusion with silk, free form creations of awesome proportions -it was so neat to see and touch it all. I also got to meet at long last Leslie Samson the lady who co-wrote Completely Angora!!! And got her seal of approval on my new German doe "Perfect" who I got from Julianna McMullan this spring. Can anything be better -well maybe the thought of getting a BLACK German from the new import lines this fall
Photos will be posted as soon as I get around to it - had a wonderful mothers day yesterday complete with breakfast in bed (burnt toast a la Jared and juice by Lindsay), lovely flowers a dozen roses in salmon and a dozen bright red tulips and new shoes -can we say completely spoiled :)
Off to re-pack teh fiber bins and do inventory now -hopping off!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A memorial of a well lived life

My son Jared (who I'm sure has been around the great wheel of life several times) is a wise and beautiful little soul. When we were talking about how we wanted to remember Scamper Jared decided we would plant a tree. A fruit tree that would bear flowers and fruit and carry on long after we're all gone. He explained to me that we needed to write wishes and memories and attach them to the tree so they could float up to heaven to her and people here would know this is Scamper's special tree. He told me "life goes on mommy and so does a tree just like our souls which go on forever. Scamper is always here with us. Her tree is part of the earth and the sky just like she is." Can you see now sometimes why I feel overwhelmed and completely incapable of being his mother.