Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby "Goober"

Java has to be one of the most gentle dogs I have ever met -look what she dropped in my lap this morning -we were out in the garden sitting when she plopped this into my lap Besides being covered in dog drool he is completely unharmed -can't fly though poor little thing is too young -I figure he fell out of the big tree in the neighbours yard. He sure likes worms out of the garden though He seemed completely unfazed that this thirty pound thing had scooped him up into her mouth.
Java was so proud of herself -they say labs have very gentle mouths and I can well believe it after this!
Who decided I was the new mama :)

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

Update on Goober -he is now free and back with his family :) Of course he still wants me to feed him when we are out in the garden :)