Saturday, July 30, 2011

We got a little rain yesterday

Here's a picture from a nearby street just to show how much rain we got. Almost 3 inches in less than 4 hours! It was wild!!! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Latest project done

Handspun kid mohair and linen - spaced dyed. Needed a quick project to have on display with the yarn for sale so made this very simple cowl scarf. Loved it so much I've started another one as a gift~

Bunnies getting bigger

Look how they've grown :) Getting so big and fluffy.  Will have a hard time picking who gets to stay and go from these litters. Top litter is still unsexed. Bottom litter of 4 is three girls and one boy :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

LOL A friend sent this to me and I had to share!

House Rules

House Rules

1. If it’s not yours…don’t touch it.
2. Remove your shoes at the door.  Not directly in front of the door…off to the side.
3. If the bathroom door is locked, knocking repeatedly will not make it open any faster.
4. Do not use “fair” to describe what something is not.  It is the original “F” word.
5. Balled socks do not come clean…unball them or wear them dirty.
6. If you get too much toothpaste, do not try to shove it back in the tube.
7. Keep your private parts well hidden at all times...and apply rule number one.
8. If the dog’s water dish is empty, fill it.  Or let’s see how long you can go without water.
9. Three drops of milk does not justify returning it to the fridge.
10. If you ask for seconds, you eat every bite.
11. Pretend the rim of the toilet will electrocute you if it gets wet.
12. Wipe every single time.
13. Wearing clothes to the mirror and back does not get them dirty. 
14. Food and shelter are required of me.  Everything else is a privilege and can be revoked.
15. I don’t care what everyone else gets to do.  Whine about it and I’ll throw you off that bridge myself.
16. Money in the dryer is always mine.
17. Touch the thermostat and see what happens…
18. Loaning you something once does not make it yours.
19. Clean underwear at just that…clean.  Sorting them with two fingers is not necessary.
20. Slam your door and I will remove it.  
21. “Bedtime” means the same thing every single night. Do not look at me like I’m crazy when I say it.
22. When you run your toothbrush under the water, I always know. Same thing with the soap in the shower.
23. Everything you do cost money, from turning on the hot water to opening the fridge.  Conserve.
24. I don’t care if you did it. I didn’t ask. I just told you to clean it up.   
25. And once again…if it’s not yours, DON’T TOUCH IT!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its just so darn hot

Everyday here lately is the same routine. Check to make sure everybody has water, fans are working, sit down to cool off , nap for a few minutes and then head to work LOL. Kids are happy and content with sleeping in the basement, living on popsicles and swimming in nanny and poppa's pool.
I've been spinning laceweight mohair and linen and am trying to get it done for the two big shows coming up. Picton craft show in the 29th (8am -8pm) and then off to the Kingston Sheep Dog trials for three days.
Kids have helped making more cat felt toys for the shows -here's a basket ready to go!! They have also picked a HUGE bag of catnip to roll them into if the customer wants. We have two very stoned kitties here right now :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Missing you

I told myself today it was going to be okay and it was. 13 years ago you left me and I know it was time for you to go.   Tonight when I went for a walk there were dragonflies everywhere. Just like there was when we said goodbye. I love you always and miss you. I see your smile in my children's faces and hear your laughter on the wind.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Long awaited arrivals

Ever since I had Levi -my first Argent D'Bleu , I have been awaiting the time when I could breed him to make more of this wonderful colour. They are VERY uncommon here in Canada (I have only heard of one other one).
So today heralded the safe arrival of three blues and three champages (black) who will carry the blue gene. They will be going all over North America when they are weaned. I already have a waiting list for these guys :)  That is if I can party with them -they're very special after all LOL
HUGS all

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Baby bunnies everywhere!

Okay we have a population explosion going on here::

3 litters of American Chinchillas 4kits,  3kits  and 6 kits
Champage D'argent X Brun - 4 kits arrived with mommy here from another breeder
Argente'D Brun - 7 kits -Callista's litter from the previous post
German hybrid litter - 4 babies -picture here
French Angora litter - 9 kits -picture here

Still to come:

Champange D'Argent X Argente D'Bleu -nesting now
American Chinchilla x2
French Angora
Satin Angora

We also have two rescues arrive here this week -a REW Mini-Rex doe from Tamara's lines (Peggy's niece) and a very nice little tort Holland Lop doe - 4 -her's coming Monday to pick one out for sure  maybe they'll take both :)
Its a good thing I have lots of people asking about bunnies -but they are so darn cute! I want to squeeze them all.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Whirlwind visits

I love traveling and visiting my friends -I just wish more of them lived within driving distance :) Yesterday Daryl and I went down to visit Maggie and her amazing critters :)  I love sheep and especially their wonderful fleeces.
Maggie sent me home with some amazing BFL and merino ones as well as some glorious soap including some of her new Patchouli -one of my favorites.