Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its just so darn hot

Everyday here lately is the same routine. Check to make sure everybody has water, fans are working, sit down to cool off , nap for a few minutes and then head to work LOL. Kids are happy and content with sleeping in the basement, living on popsicles and swimming in nanny and poppa's pool.
I've been spinning laceweight mohair and linen and am trying to get it done for the two big shows coming up. Picton craft show in the 29th (8am -8pm) and then off to the Kingston Sheep Dog trials for three days.
Kids have helped making more cat felt toys for the shows -here's a basket ready to go!! They have also picked a HUGE bag of catnip to roll them into if the customer wants. We have two very stoned kitties here right now :)

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