Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby bunny pictures -everybody saw AWWWWW :)

Okay I'm not sure what my friend Val puts in the water of her bunnies but oh my gosh. Went out yesterday afternoon to discover one of the two American Chinchilla rabbits she sent me had kindled. Can you count how many there are -if you guessed 15 you are correct :) 15 live babies in the box!! The sires name is Abundant Bob -guess I can see why. Other girl is yet to kindle. If she has a smaller litter I'll probably split some of the babies onto her. Am Chins are very good at fostering other babies.

Jared's Brun Doe PRTier kindled 6 beautiful babies on Fiday as well. Shes a first time mother so I'm not going to foster anybody on her. He's so proud of them.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hurray its summertime

Last day of school for the kids. Excitement is running high, popsicles have been stocked up. Trips are being planned. Mom is stokced up on Asprin and earplugs LOL. Let the summer time begin.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hurray Maggie won!!!

I had nominated my friend Maggie for a contest from Chicken Stitches about nominating a person who contributes with crafting and Maggies name was drawn!!!! What makes this special is as the nominator I win a set of these beautiful stitch markers as well!!! They are so incredibly beautiful. Thank you so much Henya for having this contest :)
Way to go Maggie -you are so deserving of the title of Mensh!!!
I cannot get the link fuction to work but I invite you to check out both of these talented womens blogs -their work is incredible!!!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And we're off to the ball game -again :)

Is she not the cutest little batter you have ever seen?? All colour co-ordinated in her pink ensemble LOL.
We're playing ball 4 nights a week -kids love it -mom is not so much -the bleachers are heck on the back. Stitches are healing well -so far looking good -all results came back today as clear so they got all the bad cells out. Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers that I can feel coming my way.
Daryl's dad is recovering well -he had his first liquid today -he said that it was the best tasting juice he ever had :)
On the bunny front Igloo delivered 6 fat and healhty kits -2 ruby eyed whites and 4 that look chinchilla YIPEEEEEEEE -I was so hoping for some more.


Monday, June 22, 2009

The joys of kittenhood

With two older cats in the house I've forgotten how much fun a kitten can be. From zooming by, jumping way too high into windows and the performing "flying wallenda" acts to hidding in every plastic bag and attcking you on sight. LOL I love Neme -he's such a riot!!! I love my old boys too as they lounge on the couch looking at me with that "you brought that thing here you deal with it look".
How did I manage with out this much fun before??

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's day to all my men

How to describe all the wonderful men in my life :) First there is Daryl -my love of my life, my rock and my best friend. He's been so wonderful for me all these years and is the greatest dad any kid could ever ask for. Ask mine they'll tell you ;)
Then there is my Daddy -Grandpa Rex himself, the man who I wanted my hubby to be just like. Love you Daddy!!
Of course there is also Daryls Dad -Poppa -a wonderful gruff old man who I adore.

HUGS to all of you and ot all the dads out there! You ROCK!!~~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby bunny pictures -WARNING -too darn cute!!!

So I finally made it out to the barn to take pictures of the first two litters to arrive -we still have 4 to go. There are 4 satin angoras born to willabond's Truffles (chocolate) x PR's Prince Val (registered lynx) -2 lilac torts, a lilac and a lilac pearl!!! Very cool :)
The other litter is 5 french angoras born to RM's Hollyhocks (registered black) x Fuzzies BCB (registered blue pointed whites -there are two pointed whites, a blue tort, a blue and an opal. Again very cool and unexpected colours. Love it!!!

Next up due is Spanish Oak's Igloo (registered white satin angora) bred to PR's Goblin (registered chinchilla satin angora). She's due tomorrow and was happily nesting when I left. Can't wait to see what pops out next :) UPDATE!!! Igloo had 6 sassy and fat babies -2 Ruby eyed white and 4 chinchilla -2 are black chinchillas the other two are blue or lilac chins by the looks of them -VERY VERY EXCITED!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back from the zoo

Oh yes I went -probably not the smartest thing I have ever done. 15 stitches in my back and a three hour return trip but two very happy kids.
We got to touch stingrays today at the zoo -they are sooo smooth and soft and warm. Saw lots of other cool animals too -especially turtles -I love turtles even the gianormous alligator snapping turtle at the zoo -but holy cow was she scary!!!! She's the size of 4 foot around boulder with lots of tude. Love it :)
Jared was thrilled the tigers were up and around today. Lindsay wanted to see bats and snakes -she is sooo not mine LOL.
I also loved seeing the gorilla troop. They are so incredible and majestic. The last time we were there there was a little girl born the same day as Lindsay and they were both so cute together interacting through the barrier. Her mother and I were in complete accord at that moment. They are led by the silverback Charles who is a wonderful artist -he paints!! He's so noble too.

Anyways off to bed -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
HUGS all

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Don's biopsy came back today as negative for cancer!!!!!!! Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers please keep them coming. My surgery is tomorrow -they're planning 15 stitches -add to that a zoo trip on Thursday -yipppeeeee NOT.
Oh well life is still good.

HUGS all

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kingston OHS Conference

This weekend Kingston hosted the Ontario Handspinners Conference -what fun!!! Fibre excellence right in my backyard. Jared was my helper all weekend long -garnering lots of comliments for his handdyed roving and yarns -he of course took it all in stride :) Biggest compliment for me was the brisk sales of the "Maggies Hug" shawl pattern and one of the kits all made with Maggies yummy fibre! so many really experienced knitters trying to figure out how it was made only to relaize it was WAY easier than they thought it was LOL.
So many gorgeous fleeces though -temptation city!!!! I did buy some and sent them off to the processor 10 miles down the road to be made into roving for Jared to work with -yummy!!!!!
Camera of course decided not to work down there -but here's some shots of the items we had for sale there :)

Today is gardening day -trying to get as much done before the stitches are back LOL.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick update

Don (Daryl's Dad) cam through the surgery last night -we sat for almost 7 hours at the hospital before they came out to tell us -everything went as well as they could hope for -tumour looked to be encased, no signs of spreading to anywhere, he needed less anestetic than they thought, they gave him anepidural to minimize pain. We'll see how he is today -last night he was too out of it to visit. Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming!!!! We sure can feel them.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Feeling Alive today :)

Don't know why but today is a GREAT day -cleaned up fibre bins, played with baby bunnies (we have 4 little popcorn satin angoras booting around now) with another 6 in the nest box, played with Java, and then came in the house to read a book. Fabulous day for doing whatever. Am anxioulsy awaiting another 6 litters of rabbits -two french angoras, one argent de'brun and three american chinchillas -can we say bunny overload (LOL)
I'm also eyeing my primitive rug jhooking kit I picke dup on the weekend -you use raw fleece or roving on burlap -I of course got the sheep pattern ;) No flowers for me LOL.

HUGS all -hope everybody is having a good monday!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Remembering D-Day

65 years ago so many brave young men paid the ultimate price for freedom. We think of them today -the survivors standing still proudly as the last post is played for their fallen comrades, those that fell who never came home, the families who waited anxiously for word of their loved ones.

Thank you

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh to be a cat.....

To not have to deal with life and all its mystery and madness sometimes. To find a sunbeam and stretch out, how lovely that would be.
Daryl's dad is scheduled for surgery this coming Wednesday -the prognosis is good at this point -the tumors are contatined in one area and they are fairly confident they can get it all out in one shot.
In other news my biopsy on my back spot came back positive for early stage melanoma. Have to go back in and have a larger area removed to make sure they got it all. The original spot was only one millimeter from the clean skin so they are doing this as a precautionary measure. Darn it more stitches in the back -the last ones are just healed.

Oh well I think I'm going to find a sunbeam and stretch out and let the cares of the world drift for a while.

HUGS all