Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby bunny pictures -everybody saw AWWWWW :)

Okay I'm not sure what my friend Val puts in the water of her bunnies but oh my gosh. Went out yesterday afternoon to discover one of the two American Chinchilla rabbits she sent me had kindled. Can you count how many there are -if you guessed 15 you are correct :) 15 live babies in the box!! The sires name is Abundant Bob -guess I can see why. Other girl is yet to kindle. If she has a smaller litter I'll probably split some of the babies onto her. Am Chins are very good at fostering other babies.

Jared's Brun Doe PRTier kindled 6 beautiful babies on Fiday as well. Shes a first time mother so I'm not going to foster anybody on her. He's so proud of them.


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