Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kingston OHS Conference

This weekend Kingston hosted the Ontario Handspinners Conference -what fun!!! Fibre excellence right in my backyard. Jared was my helper all weekend long -garnering lots of comliments for his handdyed roving and yarns -he of course took it all in stride :) Biggest compliment for me was the brisk sales of the "Maggies Hug" shawl pattern and one of the kits all made with Maggies yummy fibre! so many really experienced knitters trying to figure out how it was made only to relaize it was WAY easier than they thought it was LOL.
So many gorgeous fleeces though -temptation city!!!! I did buy some and sent them off to the processor 10 miles down the road to be made into roving for Jared to work with -yummy!!!!!
Camera of course decided not to work down there -but here's some shots of the items we had for sale there :)

Today is gardening day -trying to get as much done before the stitches are back LOL.

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