Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Bunny Pics as promised

Well I FINALLY was allowed to remove Whimsey's box long enough to get a picture of her 9 German Angora babies. All are doing great -eyes are opening and they are so darn cute. We call tehm Popcorn at this age -cute, bouncy and loads of fun! Also got a picture of "Fats domino" or "Sumo baby" -she/he is almost twice the size of the Germans and they are three days older.
Happy bunnies!

Jazzy Jared Strikes again!

I love my kids because they bring a new view on the world to my eyes. For instance my 8 year old Jared has taken up dyeing fiber with a passion - his use of colours is amazing and always a cool surprise as to what CAN be done. Here's two of his latest creations -we forgot to take a picture of "Nanny"s Birthday" his specially created roving for his Nanny -made with his, his sisters and her favorite colours -blue/green and hot pink.
These two are currently for sale on Ebay -under Jazzy Dyesigns by Jared - Victorian Orient and Spectacular Sunset!!! GREAT work as always Jared!! And best of all he works for McDonalds cheap labour at its finest.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Bunnies Everywhere!!

Its baby bunny time here it seems :) 9 New German angoras arrived a week ago to RM's Whimsey out of Maggie's Farm Big Daddy -all healthy little balls of baby. We also had a single arrival to our registered chestnut satin angora-1 GC leg doe RM's Shimmer out of our new broken chestnut satin angora buck HH's Patch -the chestnut baby who is a porker has been named "Fats Domino" .

My sons REW Jersey Wooly Doe RM's Boston gave both to 7 healthy babies out of his favorite old buck Starbuck's Yugi-oh -registered blue. The nicest surprise was finding out Boston carries the broken genetic as 5 of the 7 are perfectly marked brokens -looks like blues, smoke pearl and black along with the two solids -smoke pearl and siamese sable. Pictured above.

Last but not least our VM (vienna marked -carries BEW genetics) tort English angora Doe Candy's Amber gave birth to 5 beautiful babies out of Heart-O'mines Chippie -regsitered chocolate agouti -2 GC legs she has one solid black, a lilac and three VM marked blacks. Pictures to follow as I get he camera out to photo all of them. It's baby bunny time and we're not done yet

Due end of the month we have:

Jentlelops Autumne (Black pointed white) Jersey Wooly X Bella Bunnies Cash (regsitered smoke pearl)
HH's Glitter (copper) Satin Angora X HH's Patch -(broken chestnut agouti) Satin Angora
RM's Tasi (Black) New Zealand X RM's Fryer Tuck (Black) New Zealand
RM's Stasi (Blue) New Zealand X Diju's Discovery (Blue) New Zealand
-both carry the dominant and dilute genes so whites,blues and blacks are possible

Friday, July 21, 2006

Silk in my socks

After getting some gorgeous kid mohair and silk in a recent fiber swap my daughter informs me that SHE needs a new pair of socks and that these fibers just might do. Laughing I agreed and then thought about it -how come I don't have any kid mohair and silk socks????
They should be amazing to wear -I wonder if she'd let me borrow them? Ever notice as a spinner we spin the most amazing combinations for others to wear. Of course we do get the pleasure of handling these fibres and spinning them. There is also the thought that our loved ones are wearing something special that was made with love for them. And last of all the pride that comes of knowing I'm raising a fibre "snob" who though young already appreciates the finer fibres that the world has to offer. I mean she already has a 100% angora tam and scarf to wear.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spin, Spin and Spun

Today I thought I'd show you some of the yarns I have been working on - mostly just for myself but all are for sale if somebody is interested :) A great deal of it was custom dyed by my 8 year old son Jared who occasionally sells it on eBay under his own label Jazzy designs by Jared. He's truly a talented dye wizard and I love his work almost as much as his customers who eagerly snatch it up.

From top left:

4 ounces brushed mohair 2ply -dyed by Jared in a colourway he calls Summer Sunset $25Cdn

4 ounces brushed mohair 2ply - dyed by Jared in a colourway he calls Spring Days $25Cdn

2 skiens of superwash wool - single ply spun -enough to make a small/medium pair of socks -wonderfully soft $30Cdn

4 ounces chocolate alpaca/bombyx silk 4oz 2 ply $20Cdn

5 ounces corriedale -blues, pinks and a hint of lavender -great for socks or a hat $25 Cdn

5 ounces polwarth -koolaid dyed by Jared 2 ply $25Cdn

1.5 ounces of 2ply pure black angora -wonderfully soft and warm -great to trim a hat or sweater- or would make a fabulous beret or lace scarf $18Cdn

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bunnies for sale

Hi All:

Am trying to post new and updated pictures of bunnies for sale here at Rocky Meadow Rabbits.
More litters are in the nest box including German Angoras (finally), Satin Angoras, English Angoras and New Zealands. Available NOW are Giant Angoras, French angoras and one English black angora buck.

Picture at left are two does from Sommerhill's Calypso (registered black golden steel) x RM's Chico (registered chocolate chinchilla). Chestnut and Chocolate agoutis -both are show grade French angoras and are ready to go NOW! Picture at the right are two gorgeous chins from the same litter - black chin is going to a fellow breeder in echange for a new broken buck -chocolate chinchilla buck is staying here to replace his dad who is also up for sale. There is also one REW buck left in this litter - gorgeous fellow -just can't keep them all!

HARE We are!! Our first adventure in TV land

Hey all:
On July 13th Kim and bunnies were invited to take part in the new TV show "This is Emily Yeung" -this episode will preview on Treehouse TV in September -no exact date yet. It was loads of fun - Miss Emily was a darling host -loved the bunnies and thought spinning was loads of fun. Can't wait to see the episode in whole. Hopefully the camera doesn't add 10lbs people would think the bunnies weigh way more than they really do! And Bijou -lady that she is doesn't like her weight discussed in public.

It was very HOT in Toronto where the shoot took place -fortunately there was lots of shade trees for the bunnies as well as bottled water and carrots to keep them happy. After all they are the real stars -definetely not me.

Emily particularly liked "Crowe" a junior black english angora buck and "Iceman" a junior REW French angora buck -both relished the attention.

Welcome to Cornerstone Fibres-Rocky Meadow Rabbits

WELCOME!! You've found us and our new blog. We'll be posting our various events, new litters and sales here. Lots of pictures too -we promise :)