Friday, July 21, 2006

Silk in my socks

After getting some gorgeous kid mohair and silk in a recent fiber swap my daughter informs me that SHE needs a new pair of socks and that these fibers just might do. Laughing I agreed and then thought about it -how come I don't have any kid mohair and silk socks????
They should be amazing to wear -I wonder if she'd let me borrow them? Ever notice as a spinner we spin the most amazing combinations for others to wear. Of course we do get the pleasure of handling these fibres and spinning them. There is also the thought that our loved ones are wearing something special that was made with love for them. And last of all the pride that comes of knowing I'm raising a fibre "snob" who though young already appreciates the finer fibres that the world has to offer. I mean she already has a 100% angora tam and scarf to wear.

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Alice said...

I love the bright, vibrant colors of silk. Silk is one of the fibres I want to spin and haven't yet gotten to, lol.