Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

So another annual event had come and gone -kids are now pigging out of their treats. Java is recovering from once agian beign shoved into a costume -we can't help ourselves its too much fun.
Halloween this year brought a trick or a treat depending on your view in the form of snow.
Enjoy the pics!

Friday, October 29, 2010

We can only ponder why.........

Monday we received a phone call every family dreads to get bad news, very very bad news.
Daryl's cousin Kim and her son Gavin were involved in a serious car/train accident Monday.  Gavin who was 12 did not survive the crash. Kim continues to struggle for her life at the hospital. I got off the phone and looked into the sweet eyes of my own 12 year old and burst into tears.  Kim is my age, her and her husband Frank were married the same year as Daryl and I, and Gavin and Jared were born three weeks apart.  He was their only child. At times like this the only word we can ponder is why?? We don't know the time we are given on this earth we can only be thankful for every day we are given. I cannot even fathom the loss for Kim and Frank.

Saturday will be the memorial service for Gavin.
If you can please send up good thoughts or prayers for Kim and Frank.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Roses for no reason

Okay two posts in one day I know very exciting :)
My darling hubby who I love more than anything surprised me with a dozen roses -his exact works "no reason I just love you" 
AWWWWWWWWWW do I feel special or what!

HUGs all

Sorry for the delay was distracted by fibre!!

Maggies sent me home with some of her stunning fibre from Rhinebeck. I have spun it up and the plan is to knit the Top down cardigan pattern I purchased at Rhinebeck for it. Itas a pretty little cropped top with half sleeves pattern that is suppose to be simple. We'll see :) Good thing I've got some fabulous stitch markers from Henya -  to keep myself organized and marked :)

Here's the fibre and the yarn for your viewing pleasure.

On the bunny front 4 new satin angoras arrived safe and sound -picture will be posted when they get some fur on them -right now they look like shiny little rats LOL.
Next up on the wheel is some springy and soft Rambouliet also from Maggies Farm.

HUGS all

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rhinebeck results

I entered three skeins in the skein and garment competition and am pleased to report I won two ribbons :)

2nd place in single spun 100% wool  -spun on a drop spindle

4th placed in dyed 100% single spun wool also spun on drop spindle

Rhinebeck does not have a seperate class for spindle vs wheel spun yarn which I think is a little unfair but whatever ;)  Wheel is usally more consisitant due to the mechanisims involved.

Heres the picture of the winning skeins :) I'm still very proud of myself!

Monday, October 18, 2010

We interupt the Rhinebeck update

My dear friend Henya stopped by Maggies booth on Sunday bringing two of her adorable daughters with her to drop off some of her amazing stitch markers (you can find your own trasures on her website at  Her talented husband Eli designed her website and her beautiful poster for display. They are working on immigrating to Israel to join family there- very exciting!! She told me her daughter loves the baby bunny pictures on my blog :) So today while out at the barn I took some update pictures of the three babies we have in the barn now - see how they've grown. They are almost as cute as Henya's beautiful daughters :)  I have to get out of the van the beautiful treasures Henya so graciously gifted me with -we got home so late last night we didn't unload a thing.

Touring Hyde Park

Daryl and I headed down early to tour around town Friday -we decided to head down to Hyde Park and see the FDR home and presidential library. What a stunning place and gardens - FDR and Eleanor are buried there in the rose garden along with his dog Fala.  There is a piece of the Berlin Wall there as well with the inscription Freedom of Thought and Speech.  After touring the house (no pictures allowed) we went down to the Everyready Diner for lunch. It was very cool and was on an episode of Diners Driveins and Dives on Food Network.  More to follow on the Rhinebeck experience when I get the other card from the van :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Final push for Rhinebeck is on :)

Its always exciting to go away but like any mommy knows its a lot of work -have to make lists for the kids, lists for Aunt Peggy, lists of stuff to pack and bring but ohhh its all worth it. Rhinebeck is is pretty -the fall colours light the sky and the sights at the fairground are stunning as well -best booth of all is Maggies Farm of course -where the most luxurious roving awaits to be fondles crying SPIN me!!!!!
Can't wait to I'll spin my hours away in aniticipation LOL   This is one of the sights of Rhinebeck a pumkin carvers who is in a word AMAZING!!! Why can't my halloween pumkins look like these???

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Baby pictures

THESE are MINE LOL Don't even ask about them :)

The tattoo number for them is M so they are Miracle and Mystical  for the broken pair from Karma and  Marvelous for the black from Twilight :)

HUGS all

Monday, October 04, 2010

Surprise babies!!!!!!

Okay I am flabergasted and gobsmacked. Came home from the Syracuse Rabbit show yesterday with a wonderful surprise awaiting me. After three years of trying and praying and hoping Karma my regsitered black golden steel girl successfully kindled!!!  Here's the huge surprise I didn't know she was bred. Peggy bred her but said nothing till now :) Two of the most ADORABLE broken kits are in the box. One is black the other is chocolate -both may steel as their dad Minnesoda (registered broken black) also carries steel.  Picture will be posted as soon as she settled down. I was barely allowed a peek before she got snarly.
Here's a picture of Karma in all her glory -she is soooo stunning!  Not social by any means of the imagination. Her name is a bit of a joke as the expression is "Karma is a bitch"  LOL. She is the spitting image of her grandmother Sommerhill's Calpyso, her mother was Deja Vu cause she was her mother all over again.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Looking back 15 years

Today is another special day in the Parkinson household. 15 years ago today Shenanigans picked us to be his forever home :) He's way slower than he was back then and wayyyy bigger too.
Here he is the first day he was home with us newleyweds. He found us in the mall parking lot and tried to hide under the car -he looked dirty brown but once he had a bath he turned into the stunning little orange tabby he still is today.  He was joined by Grimjack that winter and for 14 years they were inseperable.  Today he keeps Nemesis in line as he will always be #1 kitty.

His name sure reflects his personality -a laugh a minute and always fun. And Java loves the old boy -even though the feeling is not always returned.
Thank you for picking us Shenanigans - we love you!