Monday, December 31, 2012

Meet Bogie

On the last day of the year as we look back at the memories -some good, some sad we also look forward with hope for 2013.
Today we decided to let our hearts be broken once more by a new member of the kitty clan -meet Bogie a year and a half rescue from the local shelter. Bogie was found wandering the streets in October and is only up for adoption now so this tells you this boy has had it rough.
His sad eyes and cries could not be ignored through the cage bars and his little paws reaching out to grab us as we walked by spoke to both of us so home he went with us.
He has to get use to the dogs and us but we hope to have many happy new years together with him :)
Blessing to all of you this last day of the year.
May you find peace and happiness every day of your lives.
Right now my heart is so full of joy I can hardly speak -I have been claimed by another kitty!
This morning was listening to the Les Mis soundtrack and when they got to the point "now bring me prisioner 24601 -your time is up and your paroles begun. Do you know what that means? Yes it means I free" he started purring on my lap as if to say yes I'm free from those cages :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Simple Math :)

Make perfect sense doesn't it :)
Happy December 30th everyone!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Last minute presents :)

Handspun black satin and white french angora to make a stunning beret for a friend of my aunt :)
Hope she likes it!

And look what Daryl's secret santa delivered for him hand forged steel and antler handle -it is beautiful and deadly sharp! And of course a brass bottle opener in a "girly" shape ;)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

From darkness to light we climb

Last night was the winter solstice -the day where darkness overtakes the light and is at its peak. We now start once again climbing towards the light of spring.
May we all find light in our lives and may the darkness be ever held at bay!
Blessings to you all!!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

What inspires you??

I like to knit really I do but I LOVE spinning especially angora. Its is such a wonderful fibre and I adore the feel of it and the texture and well everything about it.  I spin my angor right from the bag -no prep required -I can and have spun it right from the bunnie's back much to the delight and amazement of the people there.
So I'm back to my great love of fibre and spinning. It inspires me every day and really makes me happy :)

I was so thrilled and inspired by all the sights, sounds and smells that is the Plowshare craft show this past weekend.  I was also inspired and encouraged to keep spinning and knitting after all the wonderful comments from patrons at the show - I had a lady buy one of my angora scarves and she wanted to know how soon I could have some yarn spun for her -here's 5 ounces of red satin all done up just for her LOL or me who knows ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It seems like yesterday

Today its has been 31 years since my Grandfather (Pakke) passed away. He left us suddenly on a Sunday afternoon.  My last memory of his is him standing on the proch waving goodbye. Not realizing it would be the last goodbye. Its a good memory though and I guess unlike so many other people who leave us we did get to say goodbye and I love you one last time.
I was 12 and until that day, death was something that happened but I have never felt its cold sting.   I still miss him and think of what a charge he would get out of my kids - Jared is named after him and in some ways is so like him its scary.  My grandfathers kind and soft ways, his mannerisms and most of all his big hands.   Lindsay on the other hand is her own person LOL but she loves sugar the way he did - lots and lots.
He had a HUGE spoon (it held I believe 10 tablespoons on it) that he ate his porridge with every day and my grandmother use to scold him about how much sugar he put on it. He alwasy replied with a smile "but dear I only put ONE spoonful on it :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hats, hats hats!!!!

 Three white rabbits hopping around the hat -spoken for :)
 Black cats to bring good luck not bad ;) Available
White horse heads on royal blue -spoken for :)

There are more here in the pile -need to get more pictures -but I can and do take requests -email :)

Back to spinning

I'm taking a break from hats - I think I have knit 10 or so in the last while :)  So I have decided to go back to my favorite thing in the world -spinning angora -and not just any angora satin angora -yummy!!!!

Edited to answer question posted in comments :)
No special prep needed this is plucked from the bunny, put in the bag and then spun right from pluckings.  Is fun to watch it bloom out after it has spun to create that one of a kind halo :)

Monday, November 12, 2012


Yesterday was Remembrance Day here in Canada.  It is especially important to me as my parents are both immigrants here from Holland. For them the words "the Canadians are coming" were the words of freedom and hope.  Yesterday I watched my son march in the parade bright and shining in his uniform.  I watched the proud veterans march past to great applause.  And I stood there crying. Crying at the thought of those brave young boys those years ago bravely going off to fight for freedom. Crying for their mothers and wives who had to watch not knowing what was coming.  It struck me the thought that years ago that would have been my husband and son marching off so brave and bold.  And if they were lucky they would have got to come home.

Last night we went with the cadets to serve coffee and tea at the Waterford. The cadets got to talk to some of the heroes there.  RAF pilots, Highlanders who were on Juno beach and lived to tell the tale, resistance fighters, nurses and war brides.  Jared asked the gentleman who survived Juno beach what was the scariest moment -his answer -the thought that he had to take a second step as he wasn't dead in the first. 

Thank you to all who have ever worn the uniform - we are so grateful for your service. And thank you to the families that stand with their solider we are forever grateful!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Owls everywhere

Lindsay LOVES owls -we have stuffed ones, pictures on the computer and books all about them so when I saw this cute owl pattern for knitting I knew she had to have a new hat. So I knit one.  And she liked it kind of (laughs) but immediately wanted something more so mommy had to knit another one for her.

Here is the first one:

And here is the new and improved version 2.0 -more blue and with earflaps as requested :)

So which would win your vote -original or new 2.0 version? Either way the model is adorable!
Of course today she saw a new pattern with cats in it so who knows we may be knitting another design in the near future. Good thing I love to knit!!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dona Nobis Pacem - BlogBlast for Peace 2012

Today I'm joining thousands of people, from over 150 countries all over the world blogging for PEACE.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Rhinebeck pictures

 Handspun and knit lace shawl from Shetland - well worth the $400 price tag

 Hee hee -wanted to get this one for me but resisited.

Stunning weather and the crowds were fabulous.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rhinebeck :)

Wonderful weekend as always -best fiber of course could be found at Maggie's Farm -have to get a picture of my stunning new roving from her -you have to see it to believe it though -it is sooo gorgeous!!!
Here's a few snaps to hold you till the camera cord turns up :)  We had so much fun with Maggie, her stunning granddaughter Hannah -who is an incredible spinner and felter and her mom Annie.

 Weather driving down was horrible but Saturday and Sunday was stunning but almost too warm 70 degrees.
 Love the buttons!
Love Llamas! Not so fond of Alpacas though -they just seem sort of weenie compared to the noble and alert gaze of the llamas and the fiber in my opinion on the llamas are so much nicer as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting ready for Rhinebeck

Here's this mornings work all done - have to go to the other job this afternoon :)  I also have six plied skeins of yarn on the wool winder that I have to get a picture of.
I love the textures and the colour variations of these horn buttons - its amazing how they turn out from when you start with the horn to all the sliced and shaped buttons.
Best off all they are all natural and recycled material. How perfect are they to go with those one of a kind wool creations that everybody is planning for those cold winter months.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baa baa Black sheep

Have you any wool -yes sir yes sir and a nifty hat too...

Leftover bits and pieces of wool made this funky little kids hat. Off to wash and block it now -it should be ready for Rhinebeck :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

17 Amazing years!!!

Happy Anniversary to my hubby and best friend :) Love you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The great hunter awaits his prey

The question is who is stalking who?  AS you can see Lindsay's pet rats Calvin and Hobbes are completely unafraid of the big bad kitty Nemesis. Nemesis could care less about the rats but LOVE the perch of the cage in the sunshine LOL

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fingerlakes 2012

Friday saw me heading down for the Fabulous Fingerlakes Fiber Show - got to the fairgrounds to torrential rain and wind. Very very bad but it could have been much worse.  Met up with the one and only Maggie of Maggie's Farm and we got the booth set up. Saturday and Sunday we rocked!!! So many compliments and happy festival goers passed through the booth with positive comments and money to spend.  I taught a drop spindle class to 8 victims (I mean willing participants) and we had so much fun.  Best of all I entered some skeins and some knitted items in the competition and I did very very well:):):):) Can you see the smiles from here?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodbye Little Shamus

Shamus left us today -quietly as he came. I noticed he was not growing well and was very quiet so took him to the vet.  He tried everything but poor little Shamus was not meant to be of this earth so we sent him over the rainbow bridge to be with Grimjack, Shenaigans and Scamper.
Goodbye litte man with the huge purr.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thrummed Mittens

These are so much fun to make and Maggies Mother Fiber is perfect for both the yarn and the thrums. The colours just sing and the softness is incredible :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back to our regular scheduled life LOL

School starts today as does Air Cadets - my life is now delegated by schedules -work -mine and Daryl's, school and Cadets.
Get out the big whiteboard to write everything down :)
Cats are unaffected as food still comes out at regular intervals. Java is horrified that once again that yellow monster is eating her children. Dutch is most affronted as his blanket snuggling partner has left him!

Mom is currently sorting through fiber and other goodies for upcoming shows -here's a teaser photo of some of the silk caps the dyewizard and his lovely assistant have created :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bunnies for Sale

Here's the latest kids looking for new homes :)

French Angora Does
Broken Tort and Black  -spoken for tenatively
Satin Angoras:
Black Buck -SOLD
Broken Tort Buck
Broken Black Buck SOLD
2 Tort Does - 1 SOLD

And then we have the little guys not ready to go yet but they are very cute -satin angoras :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The people you meet at fibre events

I love meeting new people at fibre events -there are so many talented artists out there who are willing to trade skills or items for yarn and fibre -which is a-okay with me :) I LOVE bartering for things and have collected some very unique and treasured items this was.

Here's my latest item :)

A stunning henna design -love it as I am way too cowardly to get a real tattoo.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from the Dog Trials with the FREE find of the day!

The sheep dog trials were as always amazing -except for the weather which we will not discuss. Wool and rain do not do well at the best of times.
Yesterday as I was out and about catching up on my running around I came across this little lovely item with a free sign on it!  It is PERFECT for displaying yarn or braids of roving.
Somebody's trash just became this woman's new treasure :)

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tomorrow we go to the Dogs again ;)

Its the 25th year of the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials - starting today with the Nursery Dogs running and culminating in the much vaunted double life championship Sunday!

Cornerstone Fibres will be there for three days with our fibres, handspun yarn and more!

Stop by and see us and the dogs too -they are after all the stars of the show. Along with the legendary Waupoos sheep -these sheep run wild on an island all year long and have never seen a sheep dog till these trials -this way each dog faces an unknown entity with these sheep. And boy are these sheep wily!!  Would HATE to have to try to shear these wild things.

We'll be at the Grass Creek Park -just outside of Kingston on Hwy #2  -9am to 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See you there !!!

More stash busting hats

I really love making hats -they are so  easy and functional and fun :)

Here's some of the stash busting hats -I've taken all my little bits of spinning that have no home or are too small to be sold as a skein and am making hats.
Some are adult others are kid sized all depends on how much yarn is left - I do have plans to make some yarn for the purpose of other projects and am figuring out a pattern to use with this AMAZING roving from Maggie -its so pretty and I know its a one of a kind as all of her roving is :)  Shawl?? Vest?? not sure yet but will keep ideas flowing.