Thursday, November 29, 2012

It seems like yesterday

Today its has been 31 years since my Grandfather (Pakke) passed away. He left us suddenly on a Sunday afternoon.  My last memory of his is him standing on the proch waving goodbye. Not realizing it would be the last goodbye. Its a good memory though and I guess unlike so many other people who leave us we did get to say goodbye and I love you one last time.
I was 12 and until that day, death was something that happened but I have never felt its cold sting.   I still miss him and think of what a charge he would get out of my kids - Jared is named after him and in some ways is so like him its scary.  My grandfathers kind and soft ways, his mannerisms and most of all his big hands.   Lindsay on the other hand is her own person LOL but she loves sugar the way he did - lots and lots.
He had a HUGE spoon (it held I believe 10 tablespoons on it) that he ate his porridge with every day and my grandmother use to scold him about how much sugar he put on it. He alwasy replied with a smile "but dear I only put ONE spoonful on it :)

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