Monday, November 12, 2012


Yesterday was Remembrance Day here in Canada.  It is especially important to me as my parents are both immigrants here from Holland. For them the words "the Canadians are coming" were the words of freedom and hope.  Yesterday I watched my son march in the parade bright and shining in his uniform.  I watched the proud veterans march past to great applause.  And I stood there crying. Crying at the thought of those brave young boys those years ago bravely going off to fight for freedom. Crying for their mothers and wives who had to watch not knowing what was coming.  It struck me the thought that years ago that would have been my husband and son marching off so brave and bold.  And if they were lucky they would have got to come home.

Last night we went with the cadets to serve coffee and tea at the Waterford. The cadets got to talk to some of the heroes there.  RAF pilots, Highlanders who were on Juno beach and lived to tell the tale, resistance fighters, nurses and war brides.  Jared asked the gentleman who survived Juno beach what was the scariest moment -his answer -the thought that he had to take a second step as he wasn't dead in the first. 

Thank you to all who have ever worn the uniform - we are so grateful for your service. And thank you to the families that stand with their solider we are forever grateful!

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