Monday, January 29, 2007

New Babies!!!!

Yep poor little beggars are coming in the ice and snow -but they're mommas are FANTASTIC!!!! Wonderful deep nests full of fat healthy little "sqeakers" -10 arrived yesterday via Sommerhill's Calypso (registered black golden steel) out of Windwater's Sampson (broken lilac( -picture to follow -right now NOBODY is silly enough to try to take her babies away from her - she's very territorial (read welding gloves). Also had two litters of New Zealand meat bunnies =6 to one and 8 to the other.
Fiber saw the dyepot this weekend as Jared let loose with some new projects -my personal favorite involves neon food colouring :) They;re hanging to dry so the bathroom is very colourful to say the least. Also we'll soon be carrying a fabulous line of bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks - can't wait for the big order to arrive!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

For the Love of Wood

My father in law runs his own woodworking business called For the Love of Wood -and he is very talented at what he does. His workmanship is amazing. . He recently got a lathe and has taken up the beautiful art of Woodturning. He has started making drop spindles for me to carry -solid hardwood and absolutely stunning.
Here's the first three completed ones:

Butternut, Cherry and a stunning combination of Walnut,Oak and Cherry Wood striped. He also made me this exquisite little bowl out of Butternut which will be used to hold my business cards at the various shows and events we will be attending this year. If you are interested in one of the one of a kind works of art please contact us! More pictures will be added as the spindles arrive.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lindsays pride and Joy

Well Lindsay finally got her wish -her blue/fawn harlequin mini-rex doe Echo had babies - 5 beautiful healthy babies 3 REWs and 2 blue/fawn tris. she was bred back to her dad T's BJ -registered REW 2 GC legs. The oen tri is spoken for to to a great youth breeder who is working on dilute tris actively. Now to convince somebody that they can't all stay They are awful cute though but hard to get to stay still for their photo opportunity!