Monday, December 31, 2007

2007-the last post of the year :)

Well as 2007 rolls to a close we take a minute to look back on another year the Lord has given us. Daryl and I are still here together (thank you lord), Jared and Lindsay continue to grow and thrive and we are daily struck with how blessed we are.
We continue to grow as a family together as the days go by. We have suffered the lose of several of those near and dear to us but have welcomed new lives into the ever growing circle we call family and friends.

Life as always threw curves some full of joy -full nestobxes of healthy bunnies, wonderful new fiber opportunities, Jared's triumphant baseball career start, Lindsay growing and changing daily and chances to go places we had never seen but also speedbumps on the way Daryl's health concerns and Jareds learning disabilities but we know we will somehow weather the storm together.

As I sit here listening to the raidio this song came on somehow it brought it all together. So as 2007 prepares to leave us and 2008 awaits with all its wonder and mysteries I leave you with this:

We are born one fine day
Children of God on our way
Mama smiles daddy cries
Miracle before their eyes
They protect us til were of age
Through it all love remains

Boy moves and takes a bride
She stands faithful by his side
Tears and sweat they build a home
Raise a family of their own
They share joy they share pain
Through it all love remains

Kingdoms come and go they dont last
Before you know the future is the past
In spite if whats been lost
Whats been gained we are
Living proof love remains

I dont know baby what I'd do
On this earth without you
We all live we all die
But the end is not goodbye
Seasons come, and seasons change
But through it all, love remains.

An eternal burning flame,
Hope lives on, and love remains.

Happy 2008!!!! May you know all the joys life has to offer you and through it all may you all know you are loved! Blessings on you all!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Helping a friend out Booksale :)


A friend of mine is trying to downsize her books before making a big move and has asked me to help :) As she sorts through the piles we'll be posting the books here and on yahoogroups to try to raise some funds for her.
Thans for checking it out!

The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery by Mildred
Graves Ryan
More than 1400 Illustrations and 1000 entries =-
Bargello, crewel, Crochet, Embroidering,
Knitting, Macreme, Needlepoint, Rugmaking, Sewing
and Tatting
USED $15

WEaving is Creative
The Weaver Controlled Weaves
268 pages, many photos-some in color.
Jean Wilson

Swedish Hand Weaving
Weaving Patterns by Malin Selander
Publisher: Wezata Forlag
Goteborg, Sweden : Wezata Forlag, 1959.
A complete guide. 128 pages. Illus. with
black/white photographs,
drawings and colour plates..
First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Fair.
USED $75

A Twill of Your Choice
Color and weave effect twills on two to eight
harnesses with computer drawdowns
Paul R. O'Connor
USED $65

The Urban Knitter
Lily M. Chin
a new generation of contemporary designs and
creative inspiration
NEW $10

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Feeling blue -not too much going on

Today was just a blah day we had welcomed 13 beautiful german kits to the barn a week ago and today went out to find their mother in a fit of I don't know what had killed all of them. Then had a meeting at the school to find out Jared has been diagnosed as being severely learning disabled especially when it comes to reading (well duh I've been pushing since grade one to have him properly evaluted) -the principals solution ship him away to a Developmental school -NOT!~ We're now looking at alternatives that will keep him home here with us where he belongs! The B***ch had the nerve to insinuate it would be a better enviornment for him. I told her that it could not be better than a loving home with two parents who were commited to help him reach his full potential in life. I wanted to reach across the table and smack this woman -she has no children of her own btw and is very cold -can you tell I'm not fond of her?
Coming home I decided to just sit on the couch and try to wrap my head around these things when Java had a better thought. Funny how that makes us all feel better to have unconditional love. We're heading out for a walk in the snow.

Happy Holidays all -may tomrrow be brighter! And may the darn rabbits grow some brians - I need more fibre!!! LOL

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy B-day to the love of my life!!!

Well I am technically a day late -but I was busy celebrating with my hubby :) Yesterday the love of my life turned 35. Daryl the best hubby and father in the world -well at last according to me -my opinion is of course heavily biased LOL
but let me tell you men like Daryl and few and far between. Hardworking, loving and giving is my hubby and so tolerant of his wifes crazy endeavours involving fibre and rabbits!

We spent the afternoon and evening at Upper Canada Village for their Allight at Night. We had a romantic carriage ride for two around the village pulled by a beautiful team of matched black Canadian mares Maggie and Fancy and their driver Bill. Bill proudly told us that these girls were the "best" team ever bred at the farm itself. We were surprised to find all animals at the Village are bred and raised there and even spend their retirement at the Village farm down the road. All breeds are "heritage breeds" and are native to Canada. They raise sheep, cattle, hogs, chickens and geese as well there. Very cool! The village also ruins a working woolen mill and grist mill that they sell the products from -of course I loaded up on stone ground flour and wool for spinning (grin)
Finishing it off was a gift basket to take home of fresh baked bread, cheese and sparkling cider all made at the village itself -delicious. Afterwards we had a romantic dinner for two. It was a night we both enjoyed and will talk about for many years to come. The weather even co-operated clear but cold -perfect for snuggling.

Happy B-day Baby - I love you!!!!! I hope and pray for many many more years together with you -you are my knight in shining armour and the other half of my soul.

Friday, November 30, 2007

A Day for Spinning

Today was a great day to just sit and spin and to take it easy -lol with Lindsay home not as easy as it sounds. Still I got to listen to the radio upstairs as the wheel hummed its counterpoint to the melody. I'm awaiting the arrival of three new litters of bunnies! So i think this song pretty much sums it all up:

Today is A Ordinary Miracle Day

It’s not that usual when everything is beautiful
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

The sky knows when its time to snow
You don’t need to teach a seed to grow
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own

Isn’t it remarkable?
Like every time a raindrop falls
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

Birds in winter have their fling
And always make it home by spring
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

When you wake up everyday
Please don’t throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we are all a part
Of the ordinary miracle

Ordinary miracle
Do you want to see a miracle?

Its seems so exceptional
Things just work out after all
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

The sun comes up and shines so bright
It disappears again at night
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

It’s just another ordinary miracle today

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jared and his new sidekick

Jared has a new buddy hanging out with him these days -his cousin Brianne or Bri for short. Jared was very angry with Bri yesterday and exclaimed "Brianne I don't know your middle name Parkinson, you are so in trouble". I had to laugh. He's so darn cute sometimes.

Family fun day:)

Sunday we took the kids to the McLachlan Woodworking Museum near here -they were hosting a a Pioneer Chrsitmas day.

We had a great time -lots to see and do and I picked up some great craft ideas for school tours and demos. It was well worth the drive. The museum is on the site of the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials as well so if you care coming up this way in the summer take the time to visit there. Took a quick pic of the family -is my hubby not the handsomest man :) Although there is another very good looking young man in the photo too Jared and then there is the Diva in residence Lindsay -who did not want her picture taken as her hair was not perfect LOL.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bright colours on a icy wintery day

"Well the weather outside is frightful but the colours here are delightful" -okay I'll stop singing now my dog is covering her ears LOL.
Jared has been loose again and he is as always amazing! Here's the latest batch 6 - 8ounce lots of corriedale dyed to perfection by the dye wizard himself.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Drop spindle Class -Sucess!

Well I taught my first drop spindle class at the local yarn shop today :) 8 new spinners have been born! Evil laugh - I have struck again heeheehee!
Took two orders for 8 ounces of handspun angora as two people wish to recreate my angora scarf for themselves :) Good thing they both wanted white and black -the german/giant kids are happy to produce lots and lots of fiber.
Also got another order for Jazzy Jared -a local knitter there dropped off 2lbs of her romney yarn to be dyed by the dye wizard himself -busy busy kid!
Of course some blond forgot to put the batteries in her digital camera before heading over but one of the students has promised to send me some of her pics.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank you to all our Soldiers past. present and future!

We thank you for the sacrifices you have made to keep us all safe. We mourn with those who have lost their loved ones. We celebrate our freedom. We pray someday there will be peace between all.
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween pics at long last

Well I did take the pictures on time this year but due to an unforseen emergency (some blond idiot breaking two fingers on her left hand) the blog is seriously out of date!

Here's the kids on Halloween -Java was proud of her t-shirt that was so her "why be difficult -when you can be impossible", Lindsay was a snow lepoard and Jared was as always my little knight in shinging armour :)
We even dressed our niece Brie up as she came to visit before the tricks and treats started.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

What to do on a lazy Sunday?

I figured I should update the blog after falling on a broken step here at the house and pulling a back muscle -not fun as it shoots down the whole left side and leg - contrary to popular believe diamonds are nice but some really good painkillers truly are a girls best friend! Well I thought I would go lay on the couch but here's the sight that awaited me -hmmm no room for the person. Well at least I got something productive done while waiting three hours at the emergency room to ensure no broken bones my shetland mittens -pair #2 -rovings supplied by Tammy at Kalwe Tuare Shetlands -yummy!!! Can't wait for her next run from the processors!

Grab Bags!!!

Lindsay and I spent a whole day this week packing up fiber grab bags for the upcoming Ottawa Valley Spinners and Weavers show and sale -whats inside each one -only Lindsay knows for sure - I sorted the fiber into three piles ot ensure weach bag would have an equal $ total and told her to pack one form each into the bags :)
I think they look very nice!

No white fiber -the gospel according to Jared

Well here's some more pics of stuff from rhinebeck -slightly altered of course - I brought home HUGE bags of white fiber -but Jared got his hands on it and it is white no more !

Hanging to dry are corriedale lots -perfect for socks, hats, mitts whatever. Dyed in stunning pastels is mohair - adult grade not kid but still very very nice. And as a toen to other dyers -new karaoke from Louet 50% wool-50% soysilk in their three colourways -Jared says he can do way better :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck -some highlights

We'll the most wonderful man in the world (aka Daryl) and I rolled out Friday morning for Rhinebeck. How many men do you know will willingly indulge their wives fiber longings like this one :) Driving down in pouring rain to hit the fairgrounds at 4:30 in the afternoon. We picked up two beautiful satin angoras from Sommerhill Farms - a buck for me and a doe for a friend and then headed to the heart of the festival itself -Maggies Farm at 31E. Maggie and Matt -two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet are living a beautiful dream on their new farm.

Besides making the most heavenly soap, this woman sews tote bags that are longed and lusted over by many -myself included. This year I got not one but two of these amazing bags -one for me -one for my sil who is expecting #2 in January -few bags can haul enough stuff for two small kids but these bags are more than up to the task!!

And if that wouldn't keep any other person swamped forever Maggie makes roving from all the critters living on her farm - Blue faced leichesters, mohair, angora, llama and more. Check out her blog at: It is an amazing read! And her products can all be found at:
Please check it out and tell her Kim sent you :)

We had a great time with Maggie and Matt all weekend long and they graciously allow me to put some of my bunnies in their booth. We also had a hoot with Jan who lucky girl is going to live across from the bundaflicka crew. Sigh if only......

Saturday also saw the arrival of the "bunny in the red gym bag" Earthsong's Scout an amazing German buck who came home to Canada to woo the lovely "Perfect" our resident diva and German angora goddess. Scout was happy to ride shotgun on the way home -front paws on the dash looking out the windshield and was a HUGE hit at the border.
Besdies spending way too much money and eating fabulous food all weekend the weather was Stunning -warm and sunny -just perfect for crusing all the booths and driving home.
Here's some pics to keep you going!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

One week till Rhinebeck !!!!!

Countdown is on! Bunnies are all plucked, breedings are planned, the last few bunnies are slowly finding new homes (still have 6 various ones looking for homes) so it is time for the biggest bestest fiber extravaganza of the year RHINEBECK!!!!
I've made a list of things I have to get , best of all its a chance to see friends from all over the place in one fun hectic weekend.
Here's a pic of one of the bunnies still looking for a new home - he's a stunning broken chestnut agouti french angora buck -I have him and his brother a broken chestnut agouti as well up for grabs! Aslo have two Giant Angoras -both broken as well black and chocolate, and two satin angoras a stunning broken red and a a beautiful copper buck looking for new fiber friends!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Well of course I went to the Syracuse show yesterday with the best of intentions -drop off bunnies to people, sell bunnies but NO new bunnies to come home (laugh)
Well of course I did :) Here's the list of whats new here -pictures to follow - I reallyu need to bring the camera with me.

A senior Rhinelander Doe -no I'm not kidding -Jared has decided he wants to work with these beautiful rabbits so George got a girlfriend. I honestly don't know of any others in Canada these may be the only two up here.

Two beautiful glisteny satin angoras from Joan Hastings a broken red -please let these guys be accepted at convention and a REW buck -a rarity anywhere almost impossible to find in Canada.

Finally but in no way least of all a REW French Angora doe from Marilyn DeMareee -this little girl won Best junior white doe yesterday in a class of 8!!! Her name is Adeline and she sure is sweet!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

12 years ago today - I was made the happiest woman alive - I married my "knight in shinning armour". He's still my knight though some days the armour is rusty or oily and I still love him as much if not more than I did that day.
We've learned the hard way that life is a rocky trip but as long as there is somebody there to help you climb over the obstances, shelter you when the storms hit, be there to cheer you on when you triumph and wrap their arms around you when your world comes crashing down you'll be okay. Daryl and I have been blessed with more things in this world than some people will ever know. We have been given and recieve unconditional love, found strength in each other, have been blessed with two beautiful children and no matter how rough things have gotten have always managed to keep the faith alive and keep going on the path that was laid out for us. I pray we have many more years together.

Thanks for being my partner, my love and my best friend always Daryl - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Its Rabbit show season again :)

Break out the blowers its time to show the bunnies again :) We'll be at the Spencerville Show Ontaro this Saturday and in NY on september 30th. Can't wait to see everybody again but of course the bunnies are all blowing their coats -oh well lots of yummy fiber to spin and trade!
Here's a picture of one of the juniors I'll be showing this Saturday -broken black doe RM's Delilah and broken chocolate Agouti buck RM's Jake. Jake was a godo boy and posed for the camera LOL. Deliah was a diva and refused to pose nicely "no pictures please!"
Fingers crossed they're as good as I think they are!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Beppe~

I know my Beppe has been gone for 9 years now-but today would have been her birthday. We're almost birthday twins so we often celebrated our special days together. A piece of cake, a smile and special words that only we shared. Today I'll go visit her grave I'll leave no flowers there-I always told her I would give them to her while she was with me -I wouldn't leave them on the grave and so I will. I'll have a little cry -as it still hurts to know the empty spot that is here. We never forget the ones we truly loved and we always remember them but I'll smile too as I remember all the good times we shared. I only hope as I grow up I can be even a fraction of the woamn she was -strong, reolute in her faith and her life, caring beyond measure and above all loved.

Gelukkige Verjaardag Beppe - ik mis u, houd altijd van u en schat ons geheugen. Tot wij weach andere opnieuw zien.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Updated Sales List!

Bunnys for sale: updated List!

Giant Angoras:
White buck -from Lancelot and Perfect - full brother to Percival:) 97% German Bloodlines Really really nice fellow -just well he's white! Talk about reverse discrimination

Broken Chocolate Buck
Broken Black Doe -would be staying if I had the room -shes that nice
Broken Black Buck

French Angoras:
Broken Chocolate Agouti Buck
2 Black Bucks
Broken Chestnut Buck
Broken Black Steel Buck

Satin Angoras:
Red Doe (may be sold)
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck --has a weak ear
Chocolate Agouti Buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck
Email for more information and pics!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

HRH Percival

Well the "kids" are growing up fast here -and the bunnies will be looking for new homes soon unless..they're very special like this fellow here.
Percival is out of McMullan's Perfect (100% German) and Smith's Sir Lancelot (97% Chinchilla German Hybrid) and oh my gosh does he ever have density -and the colour!!!! He's a chocolate chinchilla and I am so in love with this colour!
His full brother "Gawain" is available -he's REW and has spectacular body and wool but well he's white :) Asking $125 for him
Also have 3 broken coloured German Hybrids -two black (buck and doe) and one chocolate (buck)
as well as a stunning little white girl from RM's Whimsey (100% German) x RM's Emmerson (75% German 25% French -broken black) Asking $75 each.
Am heading to Rhinebeck in October -can deliver on the way or meet up there!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I finished knitting something!

So tomorrow is the first day BOTH kids are off to school -so the house in MINE!!!! And what will I do with my day?? Finish drop spindle - learn to spin kits, spin some luxurious llama/angora blend for socks, sort through the BIG bags of angora fiber here or go play with baby bunnies??? Who knows?? But I FINALLY finished a project!!! I spun up the matts and tangles I had here and made myself a scarf -half satin angora -half french angora -yummy and ooooohhhh so soft! And then because i was feeling really good and positive I finished another half done project -handspun shetland mittens for my little diva Lindsay :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Rigid Heddle Loom for Sale

LeClerc Bergere Rigid Heddle Loom -60cm -24inch weavig width
includes stcik shuttles, warping tools and instruction manuals Asking $125 for it including shipping -can deliver to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in October!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is this what they call the DOG Days??

So the last of summer are called the dog days of summer supposedly because its so hot we all lay around like dogs??? If so sign me up!!!! Sprawling on a couch all day, lots of attention and good grub. Somebody is definetely spoiled :)

Bunny Fur Bling!

So what do you do with a bag of matted and tangled bunny fur?? Well you let two kids loose dyeing it a rainbow of colours and then you card it out with lots of angelina and firestar and create bunny Fur Bling
Here's Lindsay hard at work carding the fiber. And the first two batches green/blue and red/pink. Can you tell who picks the colours around here -Jared and Lindsay of course.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Two Little Monkeys jumping on a Trampoline

How much fun is this two kids a BIG trampoline and nothing to stop you but one mom who is saying "get off there I want a turn now too" They sure are growing up way too fast. Jared will be 10 this coming April and Lindsay will be 6 in March. I feel old all of a sudden -think I need to go play on the trampoline some more!

Bunnies bunnies everywhere!!!!

Here's a pic of two of the future bunnies of Rocky Meadow Rabbits breeding and show stock
On the left we have RM's Travelling Salesman a stunning broken black steel buck -French angora. I had to name him this as someday I'll be able to say "oh their dad is the Travelling Salesman" On the right we have RM's Lightning a booted broken red Satin Angora Doe -she herself won't be able to show as her markings are too heavy but her density and sheen is just too good to pass up!!!!
On the Sales end we have the following bunnies ready to go now!!!
Giant Angoras:
White buck -has serious ear flop but great coat for a wooler!!
Broken Chocolate Buck
Broken Black Doe -would be staying if I had the room -shes that nice
Broken Black Buck
French Angoras:
Broken Chocolate Agouti Buck
Chestnut Doe
2 Black Bucks
Broken Chestnut Doe
Broken Chestnut Buck
Broken Black Doe
Satin Angoras:
Chocolate Buck
Chocolate Doe (may be sold)
Red Doe (may be sold)
Show marked Broken Red buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck --has a weak ear
Fawn Doe
Chocolate Agouti Buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck
Email for more information and pics!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Family Picture

Hee hee -who could resist -we've been Simpsonized at Pretty funny -the kids loved it! What do you think is it us????

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back from the Sheep Dog Trials

Well three fun and exciting days of Sheep Dog Trials are come and gone.
We had a great time there -always busy but so much to see and do. Old friends to catch up with and new friends to make. Saturday four teams competed in the sheep to shawl competition -I always love watching these talented spinners and weavers working together to take a raw fleece and transform it into works of art.

Sunday saw two memories that will alwasy stick out in my mine. First was aquiring a pair of socks that were spun in an original Jazy Dyesigns by Jared -one of his first works now made into a warm and toasty treat for his proud mommy to wear :)

Second moment was a little harder and tearier but sweet all the same. A little black faced border collie puppy trotted its way over to me tounge handing out, leash dragging on the ground and happy with its whole body wagging in delight at being free. I picked her up to find her owner only to have a nice young man come over and say "Scamper you naughty little thing there you are." Well tears started to flow. I explained to him that I had lost my old girl this spring and her name too had been Scamper. It turns out she had been named something else but when he and his wife went to get her at the breeders his wife decided she was Scamper. When he introduced his wife and told her about my Scamper it turned out they had picked her up on the day we put Scamper down. It was so sweet and reassuring to think there is still a Scamper rolling in the grass and playing with a new family. I came home and hugged Java who seemed to understnad that she and I had a whole life ahead of us and that memories would always be sweet. I'll never regret for a heartbeat the life I had with Scamper or the fun that awaits me with Java -both dogs are treasures beyond all else -unless you consider my hubby and kids first which I do (grin). They came to see me down at the trials all weekend -bringing treats and heading off to the beach for a swim or two. There was a jungle cat display there with a baby tiger and Jared got to go swimming with him -wish I could have seen that! Talk about a story to go back to school with!

I bought Java a new lead at the sheep dog trials - I could not resist it its bright pink and says "One of us is a Bitch". Heehee now wonder who is and who isn't . I also got some beautiful wildflower honey from a local farmer there and loaded up at the farmers market on the way home -all those gorgeous fresh veggies !! And come winter I now have an order for farm raised pork, chicken and beef -no store bought for me!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bamboo Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks

Cornerstone Fibres now carries a fabulous line of bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks -straights, double pointed and circulars are all in stock as of this week! 9 piece bamboo crochet hook sets are also available -the craftmanship on these are very high -but very reasonable priced. Knitting needles are $5 a set/single circular and the crochet sets are $20! Good range of sizes and lengths too. We're very excited as you can tell

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jazzy Jared strikes again!!!

See what happens when you combine 2 kids, 2 crockpots and 3lbs of Shetland roving? The wonderful thing is this is all made with only 4 colours of food colouring -who knew so many combinations existed -I figured one or two lots would be close but oh no -its a colour explosion!

6 - 8 ounce lots were created :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Fibers available at Cornerstone Fibres!!!

We're so excited we are now carrying Southwest Trading Company Fibers includuing - Milk Latte, Soysilk, Optim, Bamboo Top, Black diamond Bamboo Top and Karaoke:

What is SOYSILK® fiber?SOYSILK® brand fiber is made from the residue of soybeans from tofu manufacturing. This process is 100-percent natural and free of any petrochemicals, making it an extremely environmentally friendly product. Soy is a completely renewable resource - coming from the earth and being wholly biodegradable. As early as the 1940s, textile experts dreamed of a fiber made from soy. (In fact, Henry Ford had a suit made of soy as an early prototype.) SOYSILK® brand fiber offers superior moisture absorption and ventilation properties along with beautiful draping, softness and warmth.
Bamboo carbon fiber, called Black Gold or Black Diamond by those in the industry, is resistant to ultra violet rays and possesses anti-odor properties. It also adjusts well to both humidity and dryness.

BAMBOO fiber is made from the bamboo plant, a grass farmed commercially throughout Asia. Bamboo can grow 10 ft tall and a stand of bamboo plants can thrive for up to 100 years. BAMBOO fiber is cool to the skin, comfortable to wear ,and shows beautiful drape and softness.

Silk Latte is made from the milk proteins. Like SOYSILK, it is a luxurious champagne color fiber but even softer than SOYSILK.They are produced in much the same process.
Karaoke is 50% Soysilk -50% Wool and is available in three colourways as well as white at this time Below is Playful !