Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy B-day to the love of my life!!!

Well I am technically a day late -but I was busy celebrating with my hubby :) Yesterday the love of my life turned 35. Daryl the best hubby and father in the world -well at last according to me -my opinion is of course heavily biased LOL
but let me tell you men like Daryl and few and far between. Hardworking, loving and giving is my hubby and so tolerant of his wifes crazy endeavours involving fibre and rabbits!

We spent the afternoon and evening at Upper Canada Village for their Allight at Night. We had a romantic carriage ride for two around the village pulled by a beautiful team of matched black Canadian mares Maggie and Fancy and their driver Bill. Bill proudly told us that these girls were the "best" team ever bred at the farm itself. We were surprised to find all animals at the Village are bred and raised there and even spend their retirement at the Village farm down the road. All breeds are "heritage breeds" and are native to Canada. They raise sheep, cattle, hogs, chickens and geese as well there. Very cool! The village also ruins a working woolen mill and grist mill that they sell the products from -of course I loaded up on stone ground flour and wool for spinning (grin)
Finishing it off was a gift basket to take home of fresh baked bread, cheese and sparkling cider all made at the village itself -delicious. Afterwards we had a romantic dinner for two. It was a night we both enjoyed and will talk about for many years to come. The weather even co-operated clear but cold -perfect for snuggling.

Happy B-day Baby - I love you!!!!! I hope and pray for many many more years together with you -you are my knight in shining armour and the other half of my soul.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Kissie, kissie, kissie (smacking of lips sounds)...happy birthday to Darryl! Yes, fiber husbands are hard to find. Many happy and healthy birthdays to come!