Thursday, December 20, 2007

Feeling blue -not too much going on

Today was just a blah day we had welcomed 13 beautiful german kits to the barn a week ago and today went out to find their mother in a fit of I don't know what had killed all of them. Then had a meeting at the school to find out Jared has been diagnosed as being severely learning disabled especially when it comes to reading (well duh I've been pushing since grade one to have him properly evaluted) -the principals solution ship him away to a Developmental school -NOT!~ We're now looking at alternatives that will keep him home here with us where he belongs! The B***ch had the nerve to insinuate it would be a better enviornment for him. I told her that it could not be better than a loving home with two parents who were commited to help him reach his full potential in life. I wanted to reach across the table and smack this woman -she has no children of her own btw and is very cold -can you tell I'm not fond of her?
Coming home I decided to just sit on the couch and try to wrap my head around these things when Java had a better thought. Funny how that makes us all feel better to have unconditional love. We're heading out for a walk in the snow.

Happy Holidays all -may tomrrow be brighter! And may the darn rabbits grow some brians - I need more fibre!!! LOL


Tammy said...

Hi Kim - keep your chin up - it will get better. Jared has some first rate qualities - you have to find them and bring them out in him.
I know - I've been there with my son.
It's a lot of work - but you'll get through it. God Bless.

Maggie's Farm said...

Sit down with him every night and read with him. Play games with him that require putting together words, like Snatch. Make flashcards with him. Be patient, be consistent. Figure out a rewards system. NO computers in the bedroom! Do his homework with him every night. It will not only help him, it will gain the respect of his teachers if he turns in his work and they know he has parents working with him on the other end. With parents like you and Daryl he'll be fine. Trust me, I'm in the business.

Jan said...

Hi Kim,

GOOD FOR YOU for not backing down to that B*tch! A "better environment", huh? I think that was just an attempt to snub you for knowing all along that he needed some assistance. Hang in there, kiddo!