Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My bad boys

They look so sweet and innocent but lurking are two tornadoes of kitty destruction LOL  3 year old brown tabby Nemesis and his new fur brother 2 year old Bogie keep the house rocking.  I love my bad boys though and they get lots of loving and milk (Bogie loves milk).
They also love raw wool which in this house is plentiful!  And yarn we will not discuss what they can do to a skein of yarn~

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dragonflies and Fireflies

Yesterday it was the 15th anniversary of my grandmother's passing. I thought about her all day -funny how time does not make us forget those who were so special. All day long dragonflies were everywhere - live ones beautiful and luminous, colourful ones on peoples shirts and jewellry. Then last night as I went on the front porch to have a quiet time in the dark there they were. fireflies!!! Magical and so beautiful dancing on my front yard. We have never had them before - I'm sure it was a sign of souls that have left us -letting us know they are still with us.
Thank you universe - you made my day!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Filling the wool basket

With my somewhat willing helper Lindsay (she's still debating as to the joy of spinning) we have been filling the wool basket up -she loves helping me pick out colours and will help treadle the wheel -the hands part is still out for debate -most times that's mom's job, but that's okay -just having he sit with me is lovely enough.
Here's all the part bobbins plyed off, three smaller skeins of pure angora and some large skeins of beautiful Mother Fiber all ready to go.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Wool days

In between working I am washing fleeces -don;t ask what the bathtub looks like LOL and drying it outsdie. Plan was to get a carder and card it all out as my sister in laws mill is still out of commission. But as fast as I wash it and put it outside to dry it gets soaked again by the rain. Good thing I like the smell of wet or dry wool :)

Jared is starting his summer job soon through a job program here -6 weeks full time to get experience -he finds out today where he will be posted -told him he could come work with me but that didn't fly.

Lindsay is happily crafting up a storm and enjoying lazy movie days on the couch with her doggies.
She has also taken up dyeing wool for her mommy!! LOVE IT!

And on the note of dyeing I will be teaching a  dyeing workshop for the MacPherson House in Napanee next Friday July 12th!~ It will be with kids which I love doing - we'll be exploring natural dyes with onion skins and beets and then modern tie dyeing in the afternoon !