Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Wool days

In between working I am washing fleeces -don;t ask what the bathtub looks like LOL and drying it outsdie. Plan was to get a carder and card it all out as my sister in laws mill is still out of commission. But as fast as I wash it and put it outside to dry it gets soaked again by the rain. Good thing I like the smell of wet or dry wool :)

Jared is starting his summer job soon through a job program here -6 weeks full time to get experience -he finds out today where he will be posted -told him he could come work with me but that didn't fly.

Lindsay is happily crafting up a storm and enjoying lazy movie days on the couch with her doggies.
She has also taken up dyeing wool for her mommy!! LOVE IT!

And on the note of dyeing I will be teaching a  dyeing workshop for the MacPherson House in Napanee next Friday July 12th!~ It will be with kids which I love doing - we'll be exploring natural dyes with onion skins and beets and then modern tie dyeing in the afternoon !

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Maggie's Farm said...

Tell Lindsay she can always put her hand spun yarn in the communal yarn basket at the Bundaflicka booth!