Sunday, March 25, 2007

Brooklin ontario First show of the Season

We're back!!!! Its spring and that means rabbit shows We headed for to Brooklin yesterday with three French angoras -its spring and everybody has blown their coats! Out of 15 French we won best junior coloured doe and best senior coloured buck. We then took BOS and a leg for Windwater's Sampson our new herdsire!! Also won BOB Rhinelander with George but he was the only one there Had a great afternoon clerking for Don Haveliek the judge who is a wealth of information. There was 328 rabbits shown with 8 being rare breeds! Awesome!
Picked up an American Sable buck (very neat breed) who is getting trasported to Fulton to be swapped for a new black NZ buck .

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy B-day to my little" girl

Well time has gotten away from me again. 5 years old -how can this be??? It seems only yesterday my baby girl arrived and now ............holy cow.
She's bright, sassy and beautiful of that I have no doubt. She's opinionated and stubborn - I have NO IDEA where that came from but she's all ours and we love her to death.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my princess!!!!

Tried to get her in motion but the only way to get a pic of this little whirlwind is to wait till she conks out!

Fibre gorgeous fibre!!

I LOVE agouti angora and here's why :) Check out the gorgeous natural colour in this french angoras coat - it spins like a DREAM! and the colours lovely!. Its that time of year again -shedding coats everywhere, a reluctant owner waiting to make sure this thaw means the weather will change for the warmer and not freeze "nekkid" bunnies -they hate the sweatshirts we made for them and chew them off. And of course the shows are just starting! Which means anybody who had a half decent coat must now decide to chew it or blow it entirely . But the fiber artist in me loves the shedding -means more fiber to spin and play with!

Friday, March 09, 2007

New Friend coming to stay!

Our good friends Maggie and Matt at Bundaflicka Farms website - are letting us have one of their rescue puppies!!! "Santa" the brindle up front is coming to live here at Cornerstone Fibres. She is a lab/rottie cross and just the thing for a household with two active children and a mom who needs a walking partner Scamper at 15 does NOT do the walking routine at all. And I'm told she'll even help me clean up the rabbit shed
Thank you so much Maggie and Matt for letting us have her -she'll be treasured! And check out Maggies new website - very cool and lots of neat fibery things on offer there!