Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brun babies

Jareds Argent Brun babies are quickly growing and should start silvering soon -they are born rich dark chocolate and then silver out all over their bodies. This litter of 4 has a VIB (Very Important Bunny) in the bunch -when they arrived early mommy tried to drag them over to the fluff she had pulled causded one poor little fellow to lose an ear. Jared has now named him "VanGogh" after the dutch artist who lost an ear as well LOL He of course is the cutest of the bunch but Jared already has three bucks so he has to find a new home.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summertime fun while mom is away

While I was with Maggie at the Jazz festival in Syracuse the kids took advantage of Nanny and Poppa's pool :)
Nice and cooling n a hot summer day :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Do you see what I see?

At long last after a major angora drought we have BABIES!!!!!!! 4 satin angoras from HH's Jazz (charlie marked broken tort) X HH's White Knight (registered REW) and 3 wonderful little french babies from CB's Racheal (registered REW) x Fuzzie's Minnesoda (registered broken black).
So excited I mean meat rabbit babies are cute but nobody gets named. Besides who can resist the cuteness :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

To all the dads out there thank you. Thank you for being the hands that lift us up, pat us on the back, tell us your are proud of us, for dads who take time to be a part of the their kids lives, for dads who patiently teach their kids all they need to know about life.
To Daryl who is the father of our two beautiful children -thank you -for being the man who has and is helping me raise two incredible children.  when I married Daryl my mom told me I married my dad. At first I was very insulted by this I mean who wants to marry their dad??
Last year I wrote my father a letter about that - I thought about it long and hard and why wouldn't I want to marry a man like my dad?  My dad is dependible, heardworking and above all a family man who is devoted to his family and community.  I wanted the best when I married so I realized of course I wanted a man like my dad :)
There are so many more wonderful dads out there -Daryl's dad  Poppa who teaches my kids so many wonderful lessons about life as well, my brothers and brothers in laws all devoted dads who are commited to their kids and families, my uncles and so many more.
Thank you guys!!!!!! You are all awesome!  You decicate so much time to being there for us all.
HUGS to you all

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fireman Jared???

Today at school the local fire department came for the kids fun day and and picnic. The officers even let the kids try on the gear :) Jared was thrilled to be chosen to be a volunteer fireman -too bad he couldn't move in the equipment LOL.
Is he not handsome???

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its time for a new post LOL

I know bad blogger bad. Too many things pull me away from the computer. Jared is in full baseball mode -three nights a week, he still has tutoring three days as well -will go to two over the summer but for longer times -last assessment had him reading at a solid grade 3!!!  up from his Grade one in January thank you universe.
Two more weeks of school and then summer holidays are planned -yipppeee -or not not sure how I feel about that yet.
Have been down for the count with an infected fingertip -ouchies -don't know what I did but had to go get tetnus shot and have it frozen and lanced to get the pus out -its healing but it slows things down especially rabbit cage cleanup. We have 26 (yes 26) new baby bunnies in the barn right now with two more litters planned - 4 are satin angoras -mmmmmm fibre the rest are American chinchilla rabbits a heritage breed that we have fallen in love with here.
Garden is growing well -have spring onions and bok choy now and will hopefully have some beans and peas soon.
Jared and I took part in the Ontario Handspinners Seminiar where his dye works recieved much accolades -we still have some sock weight Blue Faced Leichester yarn available if anybody is looking -picture at the bottom of the post ;)  If not mommy gets some really cool socks this winter if she gets her act together and knits some LOL
Well thats all the news here -am off to sprin some more fibre -funny how nothing can keep me from spinning LOL
HUGS all

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Why I can't go to my friends houses very often

Cause they all have sheep -beautiful stunning wonderful sheep like Baby Thunder at Maggies Farm (he's a coopworth and my idea of a dream sheep) -social and loving and soo beautiful. And then there is Bill at Willow Garden Shetland who is tempting me with his open house and shearing day today. My friend Tammy  at Kalwa Taure Shetlands has lovely rovings that are perfect for Jared to dye up. And now there are the three sisters at Trinity Wool Works who are raising their own Blue Faced Leichester and other breeds and offering ready to dye sock yarn (they got tired of getting paid pennies for their fleeces at the wool co-op and bought their own processing equipment).  There are so many more wonderufl people out there raising fleece animals so I can play with it all :)
I love fibre and playing with wool -spinning to me is sanity and heaven all in one. Knitting is work -lots of work but I'm going slowly on that - I just downloaded the Iconic New Zealand Jersey from Ashford and have my fleece selected and prepped. I just have to finish spinning it up when I'm in the mood for white and cream. Its a fun pattern as you spin the wool and don't wash it till after the sweater is done -all the emphasis is on the fleece not the knitting -very cool!
Kids are vegging on the couch right now eating pizza after our hand morning of fishing -wonder if I could tempt them into holding my hands and telling me "no more fleece mommy" LOL 
Oh well I'm off to spin some more of Maggies wonderful roving -I love this stuff -she graciously is allowing me to spin some yarn for her - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Saturday Driver and slowing it down

Ever notice as a mom we spend more times in the car with our kids than any other? Mine are of the are of the age of ballgames and playdates, drive me to the pool please, can you get me from the learning centre in an hour and while you're waiting pickup more food we're starving LOL.
So today the kids and I played hooky and went fishing for two hours -we caught nothing but good memories and laughs. Lindsay is drawing a picture of it all now as the camera is awol will post it as soon as she is done her work of art!
HUGS all
kim and crew
bright red because somebody forgot to put sunscreen on her face -kids are fine though :)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

More yarn by Jared

I found a great wool co-op from here in Canada for Blue Faced Leichester sock yarn and bought some to try dyeing it :) Very pleased with the results
Here's the drying rack full of new colourways!  All will be for sale at the upcoming Ontario Handspinners Conference and on line :)