Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its time for a new post LOL

I know bad blogger bad. Too many things pull me away from the computer. Jared is in full baseball mode -three nights a week, he still has tutoring three days as well -will go to two over the summer but for longer times -last assessment had him reading at a solid grade 3!!!  up from his Grade one in January thank you universe.
Two more weeks of school and then summer holidays are planned -yipppeee -or not not sure how I feel about that yet.
Have been down for the count with an infected fingertip -ouchies -don't know what I did but had to go get tetnus shot and have it frozen and lanced to get the pus out -its healing but it slows things down especially rabbit cage cleanup. We have 26 (yes 26) new baby bunnies in the barn right now with two more litters planned - 4 are satin angoras -mmmmmm fibre the rest are American chinchilla rabbits a heritage breed that we have fallen in love with here.
Garden is growing well -have spring onions and bok choy now and will hopefully have some beans and peas soon.
Jared and I took part in the Ontario Handspinners Seminiar where his dye works recieved much accolades -we still have some sock weight Blue Faced Leichester yarn available if anybody is looking -picture at the bottom of the post ;)  If not mommy gets some really cool socks this winter if she gets her act together and knits some LOL
Well thats all the news here -am off to sprin some more fibre -funny how nothing can keep me from spinning LOL
HUGS all

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