Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

To all the dads out there thank you. Thank you for being the hands that lift us up, pat us on the back, tell us your are proud of us, for dads who take time to be a part of the their kids lives, for dads who patiently teach their kids all they need to know about life.
To Daryl who is the father of our two beautiful children -thank you -for being the man who has and is helping me raise two incredible children.  when I married Daryl my mom told me I married my dad. At first I was very insulted by this I mean who wants to marry their dad??
Last year I wrote my father a letter about that - I thought about it long and hard and why wouldn't I want to marry a man like my dad?  My dad is dependible, heardworking and above all a family man who is devoted to his family and community.  I wanted the best when I married so I realized of course I wanted a man like my dad :)
There are so many more wonderful dads out there -Daryl's dad  Poppa who teaches my kids so many wonderful lessons about life as well, my brothers and brothers in laws all devoted dads who are commited to their kids and families, my uncles and so many more.
Thank you guys!!!!!! You are all awesome!  You decicate so much time to being there for us all.
HUGS to you all

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