Saturday, June 05, 2010

Why I can't go to my friends houses very often

Cause they all have sheep -beautiful stunning wonderful sheep like Baby Thunder at Maggies Farm (he's a coopworth and my idea of a dream sheep) -social and loving and soo beautiful. And then there is Bill at Willow Garden Shetland who is tempting me with his open house and shearing day today. My friend Tammy  at Kalwa Taure Shetlands has lovely rovings that are perfect for Jared to dye up. And now there are the three sisters at Trinity Wool Works who are raising their own Blue Faced Leichester and other breeds and offering ready to dye sock yarn (they got tired of getting paid pennies for their fleeces at the wool co-op and bought their own processing equipment).  There are so many more wonderufl people out there raising fleece animals so I can play with it all :)
I love fibre and playing with wool -spinning to me is sanity and heaven all in one. Knitting is work -lots of work but I'm going slowly on that - I just downloaded the Iconic New Zealand Jersey from Ashford and have my fleece selected and prepped. I just have to finish spinning it up when I'm in the mood for white and cream. Its a fun pattern as you spin the wool and don't wash it till after the sweater is done -all the emphasis is on the fleece not the knitting -very cool!
Kids are vegging on the couch right now eating pizza after our hand morning of fishing -wonder if I could tempt them into holding my hands and telling me "no more fleece mommy" LOL 
Oh well I'm off to spin some more of Maggies wonderful roving -I love this stuff -she graciously is allowing me to spin some yarn for her - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


Maggie's Farm said...

I'm so glad you have sheep to love up there over the border. You can come here to love on mine anytime! And thanks for spinning my wool!!

Maggie's Farm said...

KIM! It's time for a new post!!!