Sunday, October 28, 2007

What to do on a lazy Sunday?

I figured I should update the blog after falling on a broken step here at the house and pulling a back muscle -not fun as it shoots down the whole left side and leg - contrary to popular believe diamonds are nice but some really good painkillers truly are a girls best friend! Well I thought I would go lay on the couch but here's the sight that awaited me -hmmm no room for the person. Well at least I got something productive done while waiting three hours at the emergency room to ensure no broken bones my shetland mittens -pair #2 -rovings supplied by Tammy at Kalwe Tuare Shetlands -yummy!!! Can't wait for her next run from the processors!

Grab Bags!!!

Lindsay and I spent a whole day this week packing up fiber grab bags for the upcoming Ottawa Valley Spinners and Weavers show and sale -whats inside each one -only Lindsay knows for sure - I sorted the fiber into three piles ot ensure weach bag would have an equal $ total and told her to pack one form each into the bags :)
I think they look very nice!

No white fiber -the gospel according to Jared

Well here's some more pics of stuff from rhinebeck -slightly altered of course - I brought home HUGE bags of white fiber -but Jared got his hands on it and it is white no more !

Hanging to dry are corriedale lots -perfect for socks, hats, mitts whatever. Dyed in stunning pastels is mohair - adult grade not kid but still very very nice. And as a toen to other dyers -new karaoke from Louet 50% wool-50% soysilk in their three colourways -Jared says he can do way better :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck -some highlights

We'll the most wonderful man in the world (aka Daryl) and I rolled out Friday morning for Rhinebeck. How many men do you know will willingly indulge their wives fiber longings like this one :) Driving down in pouring rain to hit the fairgrounds at 4:30 in the afternoon. We picked up two beautiful satin angoras from Sommerhill Farms - a buck for me and a doe for a friend and then headed to the heart of the festival itself -Maggies Farm at 31E. Maggie and Matt -two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet are living a beautiful dream on their new farm.

Besides making the most heavenly soap, this woman sews tote bags that are longed and lusted over by many -myself included. This year I got not one but two of these amazing bags -one for me -one for my sil who is expecting #2 in January -few bags can haul enough stuff for two small kids but these bags are more than up to the task!!

And if that wouldn't keep any other person swamped forever Maggie makes roving from all the critters living on her farm - Blue faced leichesters, mohair, angora, llama and more. Check out her blog at: It is an amazing read! And her products can all be found at:
Please check it out and tell her Kim sent you :)

We had a great time with Maggie and Matt all weekend long and they graciously allow me to put some of my bunnies in their booth. We also had a hoot with Jan who lucky girl is going to live across from the bundaflicka crew. Sigh if only......

Saturday also saw the arrival of the "bunny in the red gym bag" Earthsong's Scout an amazing German buck who came home to Canada to woo the lovely "Perfect" our resident diva and German angora goddess. Scout was happy to ride shotgun on the way home -front paws on the dash looking out the windshield and was a HUGE hit at the border.
Besdies spending way too much money and eating fabulous food all weekend the weather was Stunning -warm and sunny -just perfect for crusing all the booths and driving home.
Here's some pics to keep you going!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

One week till Rhinebeck !!!!!

Countdown is on! Bunnies are all plucked, breedings are planned, the last few bunnies are slowly finding new homes (still have 6 various ones looking for homes) so it is time for the biggest bestest fiber extravaganza of the year RHINEBECK!!!!
I've made a list of things I have to get , best of all its a chance to see friends from all over the place in one fun hectic weekend.
Here's a pic of one of the bunnies still looking for a new home - he's a stunning broken chestnut agouti french angora buck -I have him and his brother a broken chestnut agouti as well up for grabs! Aslo have two Giant Angoras -both broken as well black and chocolate, and two satin angoras a stunning broken red and a a beautiful copper buck looking for new fiber friends!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Well of course I went to the Syracuse show yesterday with the best of intentions -drop off bunnies to people, sell bunnies but NO new bunnies to come home (laugh)
Well of course I did :) Here's the list of whats new here -pictures to follow - I reallyu need to bring the camera with me.

A senior Rhinelander Doe -no I'm not kidding -Jared has decided he wants to work with these beautiful rabbits so George got a girlfriend. I honestly don't know of any others in Canada these may be the only two up here.

Two beautiful glisteny satin angoras from Joan Hastings a broken red -please let these guys be accepted at convention and a REW buck -a rarity anywhere almost impossible to find in Canada.

Finally but in no way least of all a REW French Angora doe from Marilyn DeMareee -this little girl won Best junior white doe yesterday in a class of 8!!! Her name is Adeline and she sure is sweet!