Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buttons wonderful buttons!

My father in law made these for me by slicing sheeps horns into buttons :) He's also working on deer antler ones :)
Are they not incredible -they feel wonderful to the touch!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looking after Maggies Farm

So Daryl, kids and I headed down last Wednesday to farm sit for Maggie so she could attend her daughters wedding. Mia has to be one of the most beautiful brdies I have ever seen -picture are posted at : .
Kids quickly learned farming is not for the weak of heart or stomach - they learned the joy of seeing healthy little lambs and goats bopping around and the heartbreak of finding a dead critter.
They also learned that Daddy is amazing and can deal with mean roosters! LOL Mean rooster 0 -Daryl 1
They hauled wood, water, grain and hay to various parts of the barn -stopping to talk to kitties, chickens, ducks and of course Lindsay's beloved white boys.

Mommy feel head over heels in love with one of the bottle lambs Prince Harry aka Doodle. He followed me arround and called for me as if I was his mother. And of course no visit to Maggies is complete with out sheepie kisses from Lily who would proudly bring over her little girl for all to admire!
We were even greeted by Maggies resident ghost Lydia who stopped by to say Hello in a happy voice. We hope she knows we love the farm and are thrilled to be able to help out whenever possible.
All too soon Maggie came back and we made the ride home to Canada.  Farming is definetely hard work but the joys are so apparent.
someday maybe  I feel so blessed to be able even in a small role to be be part of Maggies Farm
HUGS all

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Found this when opening a bag of potatoes :) Nice to know somebody in the universe wanted to send me some love!

Having fun in the snow :)

Been to busy to post -having playtime in the snow with the kids LOL Here they are having fun in the snow and a quick shot of me with my adorable nephew Jeffrey who just got his snowmobile license! He took me for a ride on Grandpa Rex's super fast ski-doo.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!!