Saturday, September 09, 2006

Introducing the newest "Diva" of Rocky Meadow Rabbits

Here's a picture of one of the newest "Divas" of Rocky Meadow Rabbits -presenting BCM's Rosi (pronounced ROSEE) a stunning lilac agouti doe from BoxCar Menangerie. This girl has so much potentiapl we can't wait to show her and breed her -we feel she is definetely what a satin angora should be -stunningly shiny and so much density.

More bunnies for sale photos

Here's two more pics of the bunnies for sale -on the left is a junior black satin angora doe -on the left is a chocolate German Hybrid Buck .
We also have the chestnut French angora doe and Chcolate chinchilla junior french buck pictured in the July archives of the blog for sale. There are still three black English available as well as 4 German bucks still up for grabs!
Will sex the satin litter as soon as they are a little bigger but there are three chestnut and 4 brokens that will be available -2 heavily marked chestnuts as well as a lightly marked chestnut and a lightly marked tort.
Picture of the two lightly marked satin angoas can be seen at the top of the page.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Satin Angora Litter update

Well my little mystery fellow is still a mystery :) He's awfully cute though -i'm leaning towards tortioseshell though. He's very sociable -eyes are open adn he thinks I'm another food source as he tries to nurse my sleeve when I reach in the box to pet him and his siiblings - he and the black are spoke for but the other six are up for grabs or will be when they are older

Bulky Wheel For sale

Her's some pics of the bulky wheel we have for sale Asking $400US not including shipping.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A view into the greatness that is Jazzy Dyesigns by Jared

So here they are still in the pot -bubbling and simmering gorgeous colours beyond compare -it can only mean one thing......Jared is dyeing again. How does he do it I'm frequently asked and the answer is "I have no idea" Jared is 8 and LOVES colour - he uses mainly Koolaid with vinegar and he is fearless when it comes to throwing colours together. On the left is orange, cherry and lemonade with some lemon lime -you can see the brightness already starting to form. On the right lemonade, lemonlime, orange and cherry for that extra brightness. Will post pictures of the rovings when they dry. Each pot is an 8 ounce lot of corriedale =perfect for socks, hats mitts or a felted bag!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Updated for Sale List -pictures to be posted soon :)

Fall Show List:

English Angora:

Black Junior buck - mom is registered black (3GC legs) -dad is registered sable Pearl - Asking $80
Have other black english as well need to get sexed! $50 each for these guys as they are Vienna Marked (carry BEW genetics) Mom is VM Tort -dad is chocolate agouti -regsitered (2 GC legs)

French Angoras:

Junior Chocolate Chinchilla Buck -mom is regsitered black golden steel -dad is registered Chocolate Chinchilla

Junior Chesntut Doe - littermate to above
Asking $100 each for these guys

German Angoras:

All white all bucks Asking $75 each for these guys as they need to move out. 4 to chose from! Would love to trade for adifferent line buck if anybody is interested in swapping bloodlines

Giant Angoras:
REW buck - mom is black 92.5% German bloodlines -dad is 100% German -nice colours in this guys background Asking $75

Satin Angoras - still to be sexed! Will be asking $80 each for these guys -there are 4 broken and 4 solid in the litter - 1 broken is already spoken for though :)

Hopping off