Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A view into the greatness that is Jazzy Dyesigns by Jared

So here they are still in the pot -bubbling and simmering gorgeous colours beyond compare -it can only mean one thing......Jared is dyeing again. How does he do it I'm frequently asked and the answer is "I have no idea" Jared is 8 and LOVES colour - he uses mainly Koolaid with vinegar and he is fearless when it comes to throwing colours together. On the left is orange, cherry and lemonade with some lemon lime -you can see the brightness already starting to form. On the right lemonade, lemonlime, orange and cherry for that extra brightness. Will post pictures of the rovings when they dry. Each pot is an 8 ounce lot of corriedale =perfect for socks, hats mitts or a felted bag!

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