Monday, September 04, 2006

Updated for Sale List -pictures to be posted soon :)

Fall Show List:

English Angora:

Black Junior buck - mom is registered black (3GC legs) -dad is registered sable Pearl - Asking $80
Have other black english as well need to get sexed! $50 each for these guys as they are Vienna Marked (carry BEW genetics) Mom is VM Tort -dad is chocolate agouti -regsitered (2 GC legs)

French Angoras:

Junior Chocolate Chinchilla Buck -mom is regsitered black golden steel -dad is registered Chocolate Chinchilla

Junior Chesntut Doe - littermate to above
Asking $100 each for these guys

German Angoras:

All white all bucks Asking $75 each for these guys as they need to move out. 4 to chose from! Would love to trade for adifferent line buck if anybody is interested in swapping bloodlines

Giant Angoras:
REW buck - mom is black 92.5% German bloodlines -dad is 100% German -nice colours in this guys background Asking $75

Satin Angoras - still to be sexed! Will be asking $80 each for these guys -there are 4 broken and 4 solid in the litter - 1 broken is already spoken for though :)

Hopping off

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