Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Colours for a Rainy Day

Thought today would be a GREAT day to photo some of Jared's latest dyed masterpieces :) He's so creative with the colours and I love it all -too bad I can't keep all of it. Of course I feel the same way about the bunnies -all the little ones have gone to new homes -well I do have one little German buck left but otherwise its time to start planning for the spring . The pitter patter of little bunnies is too much to resist. We do have 6 new jersey woolies here -4 broken and 2 solids who are just over three weeks old. Picture will be coming soon......anybody looking for a new fiber friend??? Spring litters will hopefully include:

Satin Angoras - PRT's Mint (REW to be registered) x Davises Fuzz (lilac to be registered)
French Angoras - RM's Maddy (registered broken lilac 2 GC legs) X RM's Northstar (REW to be reigstered in spring -carries chin and steel genetics)
English Angoras- RM's Noelle (VM Black) X Desired Haven's Michigan (registered Sable Pearl)
Giant Angoras RM's Emily (Registered 11lbs) x Smith's Sir Lancelot (amazing chinchilla buck 25% new German import lines)

Other than that Cornerstone Fibres will be posting some fiber sales just in time for the holidays -any suggestions of what you'd like to see on sale?

Bouncing off to play Teaparty with the 4 year old Diva in the making!