Monday, October 01, 2007


Well of course I went to the Syracuse show yesterday with the best of intentions -drop off bunnies to people, sell bunnies but NO new bunnies to come home (laugh)
Well of course I did :) Here's the list of whats new here -pictures to follow - I reallyu need to bring the camera with me.

A senior Rhinelander Doe -no I'm not kidding -Jared has decided he wants to work with these beautiful rabbits so George got a girlfriend. I honestly don't know of any others in Canada these may be the only two up here.

Two beautiful glisteny satin angoras from Joan Hastings a broken red -please let these guys be accepted at convention and a REW buck -a rarity anywhere almost impossible to find in Canada.

Finally but in no way least of all a REW French Angora doe from Marilyn DeMareee -this little girl won Best junior white doe yesterday in a class of 8!!! Her name is Adeline and she sure is sweet!

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