Monday, September 10, 2007

Updated Sales List!

Bunnys for sale: updated List!

Giant Angoras:
White buck -from Lancelot and Perfect - full brother to Percival:) 97% German Bloodlines Really really nice fellow -just well he's white! Talk about reverse discrimination

Broken Chocolate Buck
Broken Black Doe -would be staying if I had the room -shes that nice
Broken Black Buck

French Angoras:
Broken Chocolate Agouti Buck
2 Black Bucks
Broken Chestnut Buck
Broken Black Steel Buck

Satin Angoras:
Red Doe (may be sold)
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck --has a weak ear
Chocolate Agouti Buck
Heavily Marked Broken Copper Buck
Email for more information and pics!

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