Thursday, September 20, 2007

Its Rabbit show season again :)

Break out the blowers its time to show the bunnies again :) We'll be at the Spencerville Show Ontaro this Saturday and in NY on september 30th. Can't wait to see everybody again but of course the bunnies are all blowing their coats -oh well lots of yummy fiber to spin and trade!
Here's a picture of one of the juniors I'll be showing this Saturday -broken black doe RM's Delilah and broken chocolate Agouti buck RM's Jake. Jake was a godo boy and posed for the camera LOL. Deliah was a diva and refused to pose nicely "no pictures please!"
Fingers crossed they're as good as I think they are!

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Maggie's Farm said...

Go Bunners! Knock 'em dead, Kim! Say hi to Peg for me!