Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rhinebeck :)

Wonderful weekend as always -best fiber of course could be found at Maggie's Farm -have to get a picture of my stunning new roving from her -you have to see it to believe it though -it is sooo gorgeous!!!
Here's a few snaps to hold you till the camera cord turns up :)  We had so much fun with Maggie, her stunning granddaughter Hannah -who is an incredible spinner and felter and her mom Annie.

 Weather driving down was horrible but Saturday and Sunday was stunning but almost too warm 70 degrees.
 Love the buttons!
Love Llamas! Not so fond of Alpacas though -they just seem sort of weenie compared to the noble and alert gaze of the llamas and the fiber in my opinion on the llamas are so much nicer as well.

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Jody said...

Would love to see more pics if you have them. I hope to make it to Rhinebeck someday LOL!
Yes I agree that the Llamas have more personality than the Alpacas.